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    Cole Phelps
    Bank Notes: $ 8,505

    To do this, we will need a program called ExSDS03 – download link:





    1. Extract archive and run the program.

    2. On the control panel choose menu ‘File’ and then ‘Open’. Then go to pcsds_enfmv directory and open any file you want from this directory.

    3. After opening, you’ll see list of files – look for file with *.bin extension. Click it with right mouse button and click ‘Extract’.

    4. Go to folder where you have extracted the file and open it with Notepad.


    In this way you can look through all dialogues presented during the game. Fast and easily.

    Bank Notes: $ 1,595

    ??? ??? ?????!


    ??? ? ??? ? ??? ??????

    ??? ??? ?? ??? ??

    ??? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ??? wheelsonfire


    922000010:You ain’t even gonna give me a tip?

    922000020:You want a tip? I’ll give you a tip. Donâââ‰â¢t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    922000030:Ah, always the gentlemen, huh Joey?

    922000040:Hahaha, just get the f*ck out of here already.

    922000050:Vito, hun! Could you come here and wash my back?

    922000051:How could a chic so loose be so uptight?

    923000010:Yeah, heheâââ¬Ã¦ Almost pissed my pants. But you know Derek– No sense of humorâââ¬Ã¦

    923000020:Good bye Steven. Oh, hello Vito.


    923000040:Hey Steve.

    923000050:Hey, you want to make a quick buck? I got something that needs doingâââ¬Ã¦


    923000070:Derek wants me to take care of some âââ¬Ã¦ cars.

    923000100:Cars huh?

    923000110:Yeah. Everybody’s looking for a new set of wheels these days. And that’s been good for Derek’s, uhâââ¬Ã¦ “side business.” But what ain’t good for business is competition. This asshole in Millvilleâââ¬Ã¦ He’s been trying to muscle his way in, so we’re gonna send him a little “message.”

    923000111:Yeah, you know the uh “thing” Derek’s got going with the cars? Some asshole’s been giving him some competition, and that ain’t good for business. We gotta take care of it.

    923000125:You want me toâââ¬Ã¦ uhâââ¬Ã¦

    923000130:Na, nothing like that. Not yet anywayâââ¬Ã¦

    923000131:So, what do you say? You in? Job pays 500 bucks.

    923000120:Sorry, I got enough shit of my own to take care of right now. I just donâââ‰â¢t got the time.

    923000190:Eh, I’ll see you.

    923000132:Yeah, see you.

    923000140:Sure. What do I gotta do?

    923000160:Alright, here’s what you’re gonna do– You’re gonna go to Millville and trash the cars– But don’t kill nobody. Derek don’t want nobody deadâââ¬Ã¦ yet.

    923000180:Give Derek a call when it’s done. I’ll see you.

    923000240:Alright. I’ll see you.

    923000250:Hey Guiseppe.

    923000260:Nice to see you again.

    923000270:So uh, what do I owe you?

    923000280:Here you go. Hey, you don’t gotta pay nothing. It’s a gift from Joe.

    923000290:Whoa, that’s great! Thanks.

    923000300:You’re welcome. I see you later Vito.

    926000010:{sigh of pain}

    926000005:So, do we understand each other yet?

    926000020:Whatever you sayâââ¬Ã¦ I’ll keep my mouth shutâââ¬Ã¦ agh…


    926000030:Hey, Derek. Itâââ‰â¢s Vito.

    926000035:Vito, how are you?

    926000040:The thing in Millvilleâââ¬Ã¦ itâââ‰â¢s done.

    926000050:Alright, that’s what I want to hear.

    926000055:{sigh of pain}

    926000060:It wasn?t exactly clean thoughâââ¬Ã¦

    926000075:Oh, come on. Justâââ¬Ã¦ stop already. Please, please, no moreâââ¬Ã¦

    926000080:HEY! DO YOU MIND?!

    926000090:What do you mean?

    926000100:Well, you knowâââ¬Ã¦ uhâââ¬Ã¦ a couple guys got itâââ¬Ã¦

    926000110:Alright, I can live with that. Come by anytime and pick up your money. And who knows, maybe I’ll have another job for you…

    926000125:Alright Derek, I’ll see you soon.

    926000130:Nowâââ¬Ã¦ where were we?

    926000135:Oh shitâââ¬Ã¦.

    501000270:F*ck you!

    501000240:Stupid broad!

    501000120:But Iâââ¬Ã¦

    501000140:If you can’t drive, you should stay home where you belong.


    ??? ??????? ??? ??? ? ?????



    322850020:Oh shit!


    322850040:Must be that f*cking landlady again!

    322850045:Yeah I’m commin’ya old fat hag!

    322850050:What’s now ya old hag?

    322850060:Ah… it’s you.

    322850070:Dress up we got a job to do.

    322850080:I just fell asleep!

    322850090:Yeah, my heart’s bleedin’ for ya. But this is important.


    322850110:C’mon! Dress up already!

    322850120:Got no all the day for this!

    322850130:Stop f*ckin’around and get dressed already!

    322850140:So… what happened?

    322850150:Some crazy irish f*cks has stolen one of the trucks with weapons. Lucca want it back.

    322850160:How do we know it was Irish?

    322850170:I’ve been outside freezin’my balls off to find out while you’d been gettin’ your beauty sleep.

    322850180:Where to now?

    322850190:Millville. Guy whose brother did the theft has warehouse there. Might know somethin’.

    322850200:Millville it is.

    322850210:Who are these irish bastards we are after?

    322850220:Don’t know them. Lucca sent me to this Harry guy for a tip. Said he lives amongs Paddies and knows the trade.

    322850230:Yeah I know Harry. He’s a good people.

    322850240:As if I give a shit. Anyway, he told me about this Gallagher guy who’s trying to muscle in weapons business.

    322850250:Big mistake of him. Lucca is mad as hell and scared of Clemente like shit. He literary beg me not to tell him.

    322850260:Yeah, I can guess.

    322850270:Guy we’re heading to is Gallagher’s brother, Patric. We gonna squeez his balls a little ’till he tell us where we’ll find the thieving bastard along with our guns.

    322850280:Seems like you have figured it all out already.

    322850290:Of course I have.

    322850292:Leave the talking to me. If he won’t cooperate, you gonna convince him otherwise, capiche?

    322850294:Got it.

    322850300:Hey, Partrick! Where’s your brother?

    322850310:Dagos? Go f*ck yourself! I ain’t tellin’ a shit to ya!

    322850320:Joe? Would you please teach him some manners?


    322850340:Joe? You don’t want me to look bad, do you!?

    322850350:What the f*ck do you waiting for?

    322850360:Oh great! Maybe I should do it myself!

    322850370:Scared, aren’t ya?

    322850380:What? Is this it?

    322850390:C’mon ya fat Guinea bastard! I’m gonna teach ya a lesson!

    322850400:You had enough? Now where’s your brother?

    322850410:F*ck you!


    322850430:F*ckin’stupid hard-headed Paddie!

    322850440:Joe! Show him we mean business! Do some damage to that cars inside. Lets see how he’s gonna like that!

    322850450:C’mon Joe! Shoot the tang or set them on fire but blow that damn car already!

    322850455:Don’t you have any molotovs of something?

    322850460:Ya gonna pay fer this!

    322850470:Knife in yer eye and spike in yer arse ya shit-eating f*ckin’ Dagos!

    322850480:Hush! Behave!

    322850490:Shut the f*ck up unless you want to tell us what where’s your f*ckin’brother!

    322850500:I’m losing my temper!

    322850510:F*ck! That’s my livelihood over there!

    322850520:There’s still plenty of it left…yet. Now where’s your brother!

    322850522:Ok! Ok! He’s at East side! Garages next to the park!

    322850524:See you can do it?

    322850530:What the…!



    322850560:Jesus Joe ! That was bit too much!

    322850570:Ya think I wanted this f*ckin’thing blow up? ’twas f*ckin’ accident!

    322850580:Yeah, tell that to them!


    322850600:To the car!




    323810010:Hey, Marco, over here!

    323810040:Keep your voice down.

    323810050:So, where to?

    323810060:You know the paper factory?

    323810070:Sure, over in Milleville.

    323810080:That’s where we’re headed.

    323810090:Have you ever heard of Anthony Johnson?

    323810100:Yeah sure, Tony Johnson, he used to live downstairs from me when I was kid. He turns tricks for small change down at the Blue Oyster these days, it’s a real shame. You have to pretend to his mother like he works at the old folks home.

    323810110:What the hell are you talking about? Anthony Johnson is an engraver. He creates all of the plates used to print US federal paperwork. Money, licenses, stamps – the guys a genius. Impossible to forge his work.

    323810120:Oh right. Probably a different guy then. So what?

    323810130:So, they got a set of Anthony Johnson gun license plates over at this paper factory.

    323810140:OK – so we’re going to rob them, right?

    323810150:You’re not as dumb as you look. Those plates are worth a fortune. More so if you also happen to be dealing in large quantities of stolen weapons.

    323810160:Which we happen to be.

    323810170:Right, which I happen to be.

    323810180:So is place like some federal print works or something?

    323810190:Are you joking? They probably stole the plates themselves. These guys are hoods – they print newspapers as a cover. But behind the scenes they are forging banknotes, printing gun licenses, hate tracts, pornography. You name it. Its big money.

    323810200:So is the place going to be guarded or what?

    323810210:I really don’t know. I suppose we are going to find out.

    323810240:You’re from the old country right? Sicily?

    323810250:Yes. I’ve been over here a while now, a year or so. Things got a little bit complicated in Palermo, I needed to disappear for a while.

    323810260:Yeah? I never been to Sicily. I should go, got a lot of family over there. So how you finding it over here? You know, in the States?

    323810270:The food is disgusting, the weather is appalling and the women make me want to vomit.

    323810280:Hey, come on. It ain’t that bad. If you hate it so much over here why do you stay?

    323810290:Theres a big difference between the US and Sicily. Money. Hey – you can survive over there, the war has created all sorts of… opportunities… but its damned hard to get rich.

    323810300:Its damned hard to get rich here too Marco, take it from me.

    323810310:Not if you know the right people. And I do know the right people.

    323810320:You going to join up with Clemente then?

    323810330:Not if I don’t have to. You join up with those people, you spend the rest of your life kissing their ass.

    323810340:I never really thought about it that way.

    323810350:That’s how it is, that’s the reason it works. Not for me. I’m going to get myself set up. Run my own thing.

    323810360:Oh yeah? Like what?

    323810370:I have a lot of contacts back in Europe, a couple of guys in the US Army. I can buy decomissioned weapons in Europe for nothing, ship them over here and make a fortune on the resale. All I need is some cash to get it set up.

    323810380:That’s some sort of operation.

    323810390:You just have to think big, its really not that hard. I tell you Joe, stick with me and I’ll make sure you get taken care of. I don’t forget my friends.

    323810400:Sounds good to me, I’m with you buddy.

    323840010:n_The forklift is broken

    323840020:n_That forklift is always breaking.

    323840030:n_Yeah it’s a piece of crap.

    323840040:n_Hey, you two. Whats the problem?

    323840050:n_The forklift is broken

    323840060:n_That forklift is always breaking.

    323840070:n_Yeah it’s a piece of crap.

    323840080:n_Who broke it?

    323840090:n_Probably Pete

    323840100:n_Its always Pete

    323840110:n_Yeah, Pete’s a moron

    323840120:n_Where’s Pete?

    323840130:n_He quit

    323840140:n_Yeah, he said he’d had enough of the forklift.

    323840150:n_Whatever. Just get back to work or something would you?

    323840160:n_Gee, I’m excited about that new Chance Chalmers movie.

    323840170:n_Ach, I hate that guy.

    323840180:n_Whats to hate? Chance Chalmers is pure class.

    323840190:n_You get a kick out of watching some limey pirate prance around in leggings and a jockstrap? Are you queer or something?

    323840200:n_You’re thinking of Dalton Redridge. Chance Chalmers is the guy out of The Midnight Opal.

    323840210:n_What the one-armed Arab?

    323840220:n_No, the detective you idiot. Butch Vickers.

    323840230:n_Oh right. OK I take it back. Butch Vickers is great. He’s got a new movie out you say?

    323840240:n_Yeah, its called “Murderised”

    323840250:n_Shit title. Who the hell thought that one up?

    323840260:n_Hey, did Mike tell you the boss is coming by next week?

    323840270:n_Nobody mentioned it to me. Whats the problem?

    323840280:n_I’ll be f*cked if I know. Mike was saying he was pissed about some deal that went wrong in Birkland?

    323840290:n_Oh yeah. He’d be f*cking pissed about that. We did a huge run of the hard stuff, some really nasty chinese lesbian shit. Sent it up north, and the van got pulled by the cops. The whole lot got seized and the boss had to bail the driver out.

    323840300:n_F*ck, who come I didn’t hear about that?

    323840310:n_Well, Mike reckons that somebody in the organisation is tipping off the law. Nobody knows who it is of course, but that’s probably why you don’t know.

    323840320:n_But you told me.

    323840330:n_Yeah, well, you know – I trust you.

    323840340:n_That’s really sweet, but you should keep your mouth shut. Last thing we need is the feds busting in here and taking the plates.

    323840350:n_Fine. I’ll shut up then.

    323830010:Hey. What the hell are you doing?

    323830020:You got no business being here. Get the f*ck out.

    323830030:You deaf asshole? Leave now, or I’ll f*cking shoot you.

    323830040:Right, that’s it. You asked for it.

    323830050:He’s got a gun!

    323830060:The pricks shooting at us!

    323830070:What the hell?

    323830080:Jesus Christ, get down!

    323830090:Shit! That was a gun!

    323840390:n_What the hell?

    323840400:n_Who shut the lights out?

    323840410:n_F*ck, I can’t see shit. Can someone turn the f*cking lights on before I break my neck in here?

    323840420:n_One of you guys fix this would you?

    323840440:n_Shit, not again!

    323840450:n_It’ll be those damned fuses.

    323840460:n_Hey Mickey, go and take a look at the fuse box.

    323840470:n_Somebody got a light?

    323840480:n_Yeah, I got one. Be right over.

    323840510:n_That’s strange, these all look like they should be working.

    323840520:n_Maybe the powers out for the whole building.

    323840530:n_Guess so. Suppose we should go grab a beer then huh?

    323840540:n_The union would have our backs. I mean – who knows when the powers going to come back on? And its dangerous working in the dark haha

    323840550:n_I’m with you comrade hahaha

    323840580:n_Hey, who are you?

    323840590:n_There’s somebody in here!

    323840600:n_What the hell…

    323840610:n_Hey, you’re not supposed to be here.

    323840630:n_What the f*ck are you doing here?

    323840640:n_This’ll teach you to go sneaking around.

    323840650:n_Who the f*ck are you?

    323860010:F*ck! Asshole! You f*cking ASSHOLE Marco!

    323860020:Urgh! Urhg!

    323860030:F*CK! You f*ckin’cocksucker!

    323860050:Shit! More of them comin’.

    323860060:Where the f*ck are they keep commin’ from?

    323860090:Auch! What the f*ck was that.

    323860120:Oooh you must be f*ckin’ kidding me!


    323860150:Ehm ehm




    323860190:Ehm ehm



    323850020:Asshole! I’m going to kick the f*cking shit out of you Marco.

    323850030:”Hold them back?” You’d better hope someone holds me back before I tear your greasy f*cking head off.

    323850040:What the f*ck… I can’t f*cking believe that guy.

    323850050:Oh shit, you think I died back there? I f*cking show you whos dead you f*cking oily Guinea prick.

    323840810:Are we there yet?


    323840830:I said- how far is it yet?

    323840840:Can’t hear a f*ckin word!


    323840860:Seems they don’t know ’bout us yet.

    323840870:Yeah, let’s keep it that way for awhile.

    323840880:Who the f*ck this might be!

    323840890:n_Yeah? Who’s there?

    323840900:n_Are you kidding me? How could they’ve got in?

    323840910:n_Yeah backup would be fine. Will try to find the bastards.

    323840920:Now Joe. It is our chance.

    323840930:Should I choke him myself or what?

    323840940:Put him down, dammit!

    323840950:n_We need that file, so will you please look it up in the cabinet?

    323840960:n_Am I some f*cking secretary to you? Why dont you do it yourself?

    323840970:n_I gotta go down and tell Frank to quit f*cking around ’cause we need to ship it today.

    323840980:n_Alright alright, I will have a look into it.

    323840990:n_Why the f*ck it’s me all the time who gets the shitty end of the stick?

    323841000:n_ It’s never Frank or Richard, no!

    323841010:n_It’s always Larrry do this, Larry do that, Larry always gets his hand dirty!

    323841020:n_F*ck I’m fed up of it already!

    323841030:Arm yourself Joe, it’s gonna be wet business from now on.

    323841040:Let’s just shoot them from up here.

    323841050:It’s gonna blow!


    323841070:Che cazzo!

    323841080:F*ck this was the way to the office!

    323841090:Maybe I see way up there.


    323841110:I’m gonna try to drive this… thing over there so we can climb up from it.

    323841120:Can you drive it?

    323841130:Can’t be that hard.

    323841140:See? It’s easy!

    323841150:Yeah, just shut the f*ck up and get it over here already!

    323820010:Looks like the warehouse is occupied. That door up there might be a quiet route inside.

    323820020:Its all the same to me. Come on.

    323820040:Lead the way.

    323840360:Hey, Joe. Theres a light switch down there. Turn it off and we’ll have plenty of time to slip past.

    323840362:C’mon Joe! Shut the goddam lights off!

    323840364:What are you waiting for? Pull out the damn fuses!

    323840366:This way!Lockpick this door.

    323840368:Hey Joe! Over here! Seems like the way out.

    323840370:We ain’t got alle the nigh, dammit! Open the f*ckin’door!

    323840372:Come on Joe, this way.

    323840376:How the f*ck have you got here?

    323840378:The same way as you.

    323840700:No more sneaking ’round, Joe! Shoot the bastards!

    323840710:That was the last of them, gotta keep movin’!

    323840720:Upstairs, quick!

    323840730:Shit! More of them on the catwalks.

    323840740:That should do it. Lets go on.

    323840750:We’re getting close!

    323840760:To the left!

    323840770:To the right

    323840780:This way!

    323840790:Watch out!

    323840800:More of them downstairs!


    ??? ?? ??? ???? ??? ??? ? ? ??? ???


    Cole Phelps
    Bank Notes: $ 8,505

    Thank you zahar for placing these dialogues and vids here <img src="/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)” data-emoticon=”” srcset=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x” width=”20″ height=”20″> Although I’ve seen the first dialogue, you have big plus from me.

    Bank Notes: $ 1,595

    ??? ? ??? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ???


    ? Joe’s Adventures ??? Freeride Joe’s Adventures

    ??? ??? ? ??? ????? game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine(“ActII_part1_start”)





    ??? Freeride MII??

    ????????! ??? ?????? Freeride ??? ??? ???? ??? ?

    ??? ??? ? ??? ????? game.sds:ActivateStreamMapLine(“SQ14A_load”)




    Cole Phelps
    Bank Notes: $ 8,505

    Hello zahar, don’t you have video from mission in the printery by chance ? And also about mission in the printery, who the hell Marco is ?


    On the internet I found video from Games Com 2009, which is connected to the first dialogue.


    Here it is


    Bank Notes: $ 1,595

    Cole Phelps


    ?? ??? ?? ? ??? ? ??? ?? ?? ??? ? ??? ???

    pc/sds_../fmv/sqgc090… ??? ??? ? Cutscene




    ??? ??? ?? ??? ?? lua ??? ???????

    ??? ??? ????? StreamMapLine ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???





    ?? ? ??? ? ? ??? ???? ??? ?? StreamMapa.bin ?? ??? ??? ??? ?????


    ??? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???

    Cole Phelps
    Bank Notes: $ 8,505

    OK, I understand. It’s all because these bastards from 2K – they cut too much from the game…

    Bank Notes: $ 2,510

    Yeh i completely agree with you Cole.It could have been nice game, nicer than it is now <img src="/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/unsure.png" alt=":/” data-emoticon=”” srcset=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/unsure@2x.png 2x” width=”20″ height=”20″>

    Bank Notes: $ 1,130

    oh yes there is so many thing in mafia2 that has been cut off, stealth assassination contracts, races, riding taxi, bus (door 1 driver ,exit door 1 and exit door 2 and 26 seats position) and train (found the 2 seating animation for train) the telephone system as well (ability to call npc people, sell things regarding whats in the inventory, probably stolen trucks goods, alcohol, tobacco .. etc regarding the code) a baby in joe flat , some children in town …

    and many dialogs say it all as well;

    Regarding dialog I have a question: with dotalk what is the proper way to make player talk

    I mean what enum , message lines have to be put first for dotalk(“Dialog_number”) to work on player or npc ?

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