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    After being offline for two years, we have decided to re-open our community. We have migrated our website to a new platform that we feel will offer the community the best user experience. As we grow, we intend to utilize our website to engage our members via social media. We also plan on giving our modding community the tools they need to be successful in promoting their content.
    As part of our website migration, many accounts have been purged. In fact, around 7,000 accounts were removed from our database due to no content being posted. Moving forward, we intend to purge inactive accounts twice a year. If you do have an account, but your password does not work, please reset your password. It is possible that during the migration process the password conversion did not work properly.
    Our download section is currently not open. It will re-open once we reach out to modders.
    We are in the process of setting up a unique download section at Mafia Scene. We want to see the modding community grow. As part of our commitment to that, we will be offering our modders the option to offer their work for free, or for a fee with renewal options to those who purchase. We know that modding and coding is a lot of time consuming work and we feel that the modder should be in control of this. Our downloads will have a review/rating system in place. We feel that the community feedback is important to maintaining the integrity of our download system. If a download gets too many negative feedback, it will be removed from the system.
    If you are a Mafia modder and you are interested in uploading your work to our website, please let us know. We will be happy to help you set up a section in our downloads area with 100% support from us.
    As 2017 ends, we are excited in our renewed efforts to our modding community. We hope our renewed efforts will be noticed and we can once again grow.
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  • Mafia Celebrates Its 15th Year Anniversary With a Trailer and Steam Bundle

    Can you believe it has been 15 years since the first Mafia title came out? Well, maybe you can once you see the graphics, but the point is that 2K and Hanger 13 are celebrating this anniversary.
    A special trailer was released to announce that to celebrate the game’s 15 years of crime and violence, all 3 games will be available through Steam as part of a bundle.
    The Mafia Triple Pack is 65% off, making it so that players can pick up the $84.97 bundle for a flat $30. Not too bad for three games if you are looking to get into the franchise for the first time or replay some old favorites.
    Although, if a bundle doesn’t interest you, you can pick up II and III on the cheap thanks to some hefty discounting. Mafia II is currently 75% off, bringing its price down to $7.45. Meanwhile Mafia III is 60%, making it $15.99. The first title in the franchise, however, doesn’t have a discount unless it is purchased as part of the anniversary bundle.
    The first Mafia title is only playable through Windows. Mafia II and III, however, are available for download on PC and Mac.
    Mafia III is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but not as part of this deal.
    You can watch the anniversary trailer below, which is a retelling of the franchise’s history through the perspective of FBI Agent Jonathan Maguire.

    Source: http://twinfinite.net/2017/11/mafia-anniversary-trailer-bundle/
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