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Found 38 results

  1. Hi, I've just started playing mafia 2 for the first time in ages. I have noticed this car in my garage ,which looks badly damaged. It is the smith coupe. When you take it out to drive ,it has the front hood missing and the right door is missing. The left door is hanging open. The driver (me) is buried in the ground ,when driving. He is on the right hand side with his head and shoulders above the ground in the driving position with his hands out. But he appears to be down near the wheel or running board. I did install a few mods a while ago,but can't remember too well . Is this a problem that has been seen before? I know it's one the many mods i installed,but i was hoping someone has seen this before, and i can just remove the offending mod.
  2. It gets stuck at the end of Mafia 1, disc 2 when copying/installing A6.dta, is it damaged, a known glitch or should I get another copy off ebay? BTW, it will run on my system, Acer 5349 8GB RAM laptop with Intel graphics unfortunately  cheers  Les
  3. I am looking to upgrade my monitor for my gaming PC. My current monitor is 19" and has a 1440x900 resolution. The one I am thinking of getting is 24" and has a 1920x1080 resolution. My graphics card is a GTX 660. I have run a benchmark using my current monitor and a 1920x1080 TV to test the frame rate difference between the two resolutions, the results were; Current Monitor (1440x900), average FPS = 43.4 TV with same resolution as new monitor, average FPS = 29.7 That's quite a difference and will probably be the difference between running new games well on Ultra settings and not. I am now not sure whether to upgrade because it sort of defeats the point of getting the new monitor for games to look better, if the FPS's are so low that I have to turn the graphics down to run them. What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance.
  4. I got myself a server box. It a dual core 3.20 with 8 gigs of memories it work under win server 2008 i all ready have 3 SOF 2 games on it and it work pretty good and a teamspeak server So if you can tell me how to set it up i wpuld put it 24hres a day
  5. Hey, i own Mafia 1 on Steam. Sometimes when i finish a level and the loading screen appears i crash. I noticed that it crashes only if there's supposed to be a cutscene after the loading screen. I ended up downloading a savegame containing all levels so i could load after the cutscene. sometimes i manage to pass the crash point by minimizing the game around half-way of loading, then i maximize and it doesn't crash. strange huh? i know. Its a memory error i assume: "Mafia: game.exe - Application Error. Instruction on the "0x1005ac2e" made ââ¬â¹Ã¢â¬â¹reference to the memory in "0x0df9fb1c" The memory could not be 'wrriten' Click ok to terminate the program." (My windows is set to another language, i translated the error msg the best i could.) My Specs: Windows XP SP3 3.5 RAM Geforce GTS 450 1GB E5300 @2.60GHZ P.S. I came here since the developers stopped supporting Mafia 1.
  6. I'm getting a new graphics card that only has HDMI and DVI ports on it. But my monitor (Will be getting a new one later on) only has one VGA port on it. I thought i'd get an adapter for it but i heard they would only work if the graphics card actually had a vga port on it, and you just want to use a second monitor. Is this true? Because if i have to get a Graphics Card with a VGA port on it, i will have to get a lower down card. Thanks.
  7. Im using to build a website. I'm trying to have it so when i upload a video on youtube, the latest video will automatically show on the homepage. I can use html or whatever but i cant find how to do it. can anyone help? thanks guys
  8. I want to use hdmi for my computer now, so i plugged in a hdmi cable to the monitor and tried to plug in the other end of the cable into my graphics card. But, there is a little metal bar type thing sticking out right above the hdmi slot. This is stopping the hdmi cable going into the slot properly. Is there anything i can do about this? Thanks
  9. Ok so I just downloaded Mafia II and Im having this problem [align=center:1894ww2h][youtube:1894ww2h][/youtube:1894ww2h][/align:1894ww2h] This bug makes the gorgeous world look so ugly and it completely ruins the immersion and I`v tried the fixes in that video but none works, so Uhhhh any of u guys know a fix ? or is familiar widis bug ? Thanks I have made your message more understandable - C.
  10. I have bought new parts for my PC. (PSU, CPU, RAM and Motherboard) I bought the RAM, motherboard and CPU first, and all was fine, but as I plan to get a new graphics card soon, I needed a new PSU. I bought a new one and put it in, but now sometimes when i turn on the computer, it comes on for a second, then turns back off again, then back on etc. It does this multiple times, then eventually boots up. (It appears it does this a different amount of times every time) When this happens, the fans come on, then go back off again. It is the same with the Power LED light. There is no problems when the computer is running though, it doesn't ever crash or turn off once it is booted. Any ideas why this is doing this? I think it might be a dodgy PSU but I don't want to take it back to get it replaced, only to find I still have the same problem. Thanks in advance.
  11. My front headphone jack was working the other day but now i plug in my headphones and no sound plays. But if i go on sound settings, the headphones are detected and the bar moves up and down as sound is being played, but still no sound. It is onboard sound. Any ideas?
  12. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone could send me a copy of their "carindex.def" from the tables folder? Mine is corrupted and I cannot extract a new one at the moment. Thanks a lot!
  13. Hey guys.Could any of you help me with a problem i have?I cant patch the game cuz i dont have the right crack for 1.2 CZ verzion and the game wont run. Do you guys please have a link?
  14. I have started to edit videos again, instead of just uploading after recording. I use WLMM, when i import a video into it, the video doesnt fit the screen, it has gaps at the top, bottom and sides, i recorded it in 16:9 (1400x900) and have changed the setting on WLMM to 16:9. But when i save the video, it has gaps at the top, bottom and sides. What can i do to fix this? Here's an example: [youtube:1o61sc5v] [/youtube:1o61sc5v]
  15. Okay well, while I was just going by the web.. SOMEHOW a server.exe virus came, McAfee as usual did the trick and deleted it, but now it keeps coming back, how can I remove it? All what it does it, slow down my PC, and spam McAfee.
  16. Okay so well.. I dl'd that tool, I started it as an admin, when I loaded my file, it just froze at 100%, it also asked for a dll but I dl'd that dll and placed it in the directory I also tried running it as Windows XP SP 2, 3. Any help?
  17. I keep getting this error, I have run CHKDSK (Disk Repair, but it made no difference. Is there way to fix this without a new hard drive? Thanks in advance guys!
  18. Hey Mafia fans, great site. Nice mods. Anyways, my attempt to finish Mafia is thwarted by this crash bug. At first exiting the game produced the error message (no problem I thought) and now loading a level has produced the same error. Crashes to desktop. I can't progress since it will not load and multiple attempts to fix still fail. Mafia Version 1.2 CD install, legitimate copy. No-CD file also produces same result. Is there a solution to this bug? Thanx
  19. Hello, i downloaded greaser pack dlc from this site, it works fine exept for biker costume, i can see it in wardrobe but when i try it on game crashes, i can use racing suit though.
  20. I'm Thinking of buying Mafia 2 after trying the demo, but I then noticed the horrible draw distance, is there a way to increase draw distance?
  21. i can't zoom the snipers he is just watching through the scope and fire..
  22. Hi guys! I solved problem with Mafia World editor. If you try to run it on Intel GMA (most netbooks and older laptops), you will get "Unable to create D3D device" error message. Installing latest GPU drivers or DirectX is not solution. To make MWE to run on your PC, download 3D Analyze software. You can esasilly find link by Googling it. I am using v2.36b. When you have 3D Anylze installed, click on SELECT and pick editor.exe file. There are lots of checkboxes there, make sure that only "emulate HW TnL caps" is ticked. Click on RUN and editor should run now. If you want, you can "play" with settings to make editor run smooth. Howewer the framerate is low, it's enough to edit Mafia when you are "in terrain". Maybe there's an easier way to make MWE run on Intel GMA, this works well for me on Acer Aspire One ZG5 under Windows XP.
  23. Can anyone explain how to get Joe's jacket with mafia 2 Joe's Adventures update 1 cause I was doing some stuff but jacket wasn't in Joe's Adventures please can anyone reply goodbye and thanks.
  24. Once in while, your computer need a little defrag, i know it a pain but specialy if you keep trying mods: add 1 delete 2 your computer get so mess up it turn blue give your computer a chance to give you it best
  25. Hey guys ive got one question.Recently ive been working on a dialog and it works perfectly fine.But ive got a question.Have a look at the script : dim_flt 1 dim_act 3 findactor 0,"frank" findactor 1,"Tommy" { up //enemy_playanim "Mise zidle01st.I3D",0 label 101 wait 30000 goto 101 } event use_ab,10970005 getenemyaistate 0,1 iffltinrange 0,2,5,SKIP dialog_begin 0,2 dialog_camswitch 1,0 player_lockcontrols 1 actor_setdir 1,0 person_playanim 1,"breath01a.i3d" enemy_talk 03010320 enemy_wait enemy_talk 03010330 enemy_wait dialog_camswitch 0,1 enemy_talk 1, 03010350 enemy_wait dialog_camswitch 1,0 enemy_talk 03010340 enemy_wait enemy_talk 1, 04010150 enemy_wait dialog_end player_lockcontrols 0 return human_looktoactor 1,0,1 rnd 0,3 if flt[0]=0,-1,113 enemy_talk 00950050 label 113 if flt[0]=1,-1,114 enemy_talk 00950052 label 114 if flt[0]=2,-1,115 enemy_talk 00950053 label 115 enemy_wait human_looktoactor 1 label SKIP return event 1000 label BLBOST enemy_action_fire 0 wait 5000 goto BLBOST It is a canned cycle the dialog ends and when you talk to frank again it starts the dialog again.How do i set it only for 1x and than for the next time he will just talk to him like this on and on - human_looktoactor 1,0,1 rnd 0,3 if flt[0]=0,-1,113 enemy_talk 00950050 label 113 if flt[0]=1,-1,114 enemy_talk 00950052 label 114 if flt[0]=2,-1,115 enemy_talk 00950053 label 115 enemy_wait human_looktoactor 1 label SKIP return Thanks for all the help and the answers .