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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Mafia Scene! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! We wanted to update you about a feature that is available to our modders. Our approved modders will have the abilty to publish news about their mod directly to our homepage for everyone to see. We feel that this is necessary to get information to the community. In addition, the news will be published automatically on the homepage as well as in our forums. The second feature our modders will have is the abilty to promote their news item to social media. Once a modder clicks on "Promote To Social Media" they will be presented with an information box. After that information box is filled out the news is ready to submit directly to the Mafia Scene Facebook and Twitter page. We feel this feature will help expose the modder's work to a wide range of Mafia players who use social media daily. It also allows them to do what they do best, mod the game! They don't have to focus on logging into Facebook or Twitter to post information when they can do it directly from Mafia Scene! We hope these features will be used and enjoyed by the community to help make information and news about mods easier to get. We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years! See you in 2018! Mafia Scene Staff View full article
  2. Hello Mafia Scene! We wanted to give you a little information about our new downloads section. Our download section will have the standard categories. Mafia I, Mafia II, Mafia III. From here, the categories will be further broken down into sub-categories. We haven't decided on all those sub-categories yet so please send us your feedback about what you'd like to see! Traditional download sections allow the user to upload a file, set a description and that is all. With our new download section the modder will be able to choose if he/she wants that file to be free or paid. If he/she chooses it to be a paid file then the cost will need to be set. In addition, a renewal option can also be set. The renewal fee is available to those modders who want to maintain their mod, or work on it to release updates on a regular schedule. This is just one of the ways we plan to help our modding community. We know that coding a mod is an arduous task and takes many hours and late night hair pulling sessions. We hope that this will allow our modders to get excited about their work and to release quality updates. In addition, we will enable our rating system on those files. If a mod gets too many negative ratings with supporting feedback, then the file can be removed from the system. We want to maintain the quality of the files hosted here and with that, any abandoned files shall be removed as well. OH! We wanted to show you a short video showing the upload screen. We invite your feedback and if you are a Mafia modder an are interested in hosting your mod here, please contact us using our "Private Inquiry" forum. View full article
  3. Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce our rank system with a little background information about each rank. Hope you enjoy! Associates: Below 50 Post Associates are not actual members of the Mafia but rather anyone who teams up with them on a criminal enterprise of some kind. They could be someone who does business with the mob, including money-laundering bankers, crooked cops, lawyers, politicians, drug dealers, etc. There are also the Italian newcomers who have yet to be made, called cugines, and they play a minor role in the operation of the Mafia. Soldiers 50 Post Minimum The lowest-ranking members of the hierarchy of the Mafia and La Cosa Nostra are the soldiers, the grunts of the organization who do the majority of the ââ¬Ådirty work.ââ¬Â Itââ¬â¢s the place where the kids start off: running errands, making deliveries, picking up cash, and generally sticking out their neck in the hope of making a name for themselves by demonstrating their loyalty to the organization. Capo 150 Post Minimum The capo, or caporegime, is the captain or lieutenant of a division within the Mafia. He heads a crew of soldiers and reports directly to a boss or underboss, who hands down the instructions. He ranks much higher in the hierarchy of the Mafia. Consigliere 250 Post Minimum The consigliere, or chief advisor, is not officially part of the hierarchy of the Mafia, but he plays one of the most important roles in a crime family. He is the close trusted friend and confidant of the family boss. The function of the consigliere is a throwback to medieval times, when a monarch placed his trust in an advisor whom he could summon for strategic information and sound advice. The consigliere is meant to offer unbiased information based on what he sees as best for the family. Heââ¬â¢s not supposed to factor emotional concerns, such as retaliation and blood feuds, into his decisions. Unlike the underboss (see below), the consigliere is not required to be a direct relative of the boss. Instead, he is chosen solely for his abilities and the amount of knowledge he possesses. Generally, only the boss and underboss have more authority than the consigliere in an organized crime family. Underboss 400 Post Minimum The underboss, or capo bastone, is second-in-command in the hierarchy of the Mafia crime family. His level of authority varies from family to family, but he is ready to stand in for the boss at any given moment. In the violent and volatile world of the mob, the underboss can easily find himself at the helm of the family so, for the most part, they are usually groomed for an eventual takeover, particularly if the bossââ¬â¢s health is failing or if it looks like heââ¬â¢s headed for a stay in the joint. Boss1000 Post Minimum The boss, or capo famiglia, makes all the important decisions, much like a CEO of a company would. Although each mob boss may run his outfit in a different way, they have one thing in common: they are greatly respected and widely feared by their subordinates. All of the men in his outfit pay him a tribute, so he is also usually an extremely wealthy man. Special Ranks: Modders - Group of modders who have been approved by Site Staff. Site Staff - Your Site Staff Members wear this rank. Family Member - Regular visitor who is active at Is asked by staff to be a "Family Member" Contributor - Member who has graciously donated to help with expenses at