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Found 109 results

  1. Since there are not many days left I'd like to wish everybody Merry Christmas spent with your families/friends and may these days be merry and calm Also Happy New Year What a pity that these will be Christmas without our friend Crazypreacher, rest in peace
  2. While it is true that fruits and vegetables make for a healthy diet, you are not sure if you are achieving the exact amount of nutrients that your body needs. This is where supplements are necessary. Online companies that promote health Supplements Online aim to provide busy people, who hardly have the time to check on their health, products that are not only safe but very affordable as well. Constant stress leads to all kinds of illnesses that when not treated properly, can be dangerous. Knowing which of the array of online vitamin supplements works best for you is a big advantage as this will help you avoid falling ill despite being always on the go. According to health experts, apart from the nutrients we gather from fruits and vegetables, our bodies need a regular dose of calcium, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, and Fish Oil which produces Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent cardiovascular diseases. Surely many out there are aware of the importance of regular intake of vitamins or additional supplements but due to the high prices of these products in the market, they are left with no choice but put this need aside. This should not be the case though since you will find innumerable online supplement shops these days that offer products which are lower in price than those sold at retail. Staying healthy is actually very easy to do if only you take time to assess your body.
  3. After a regrssion of the cancer, in the last 3 months he had grown back of 20%, after a 60% dimunition so it is growing back, I'm facing a new treatment starting next month.
  4. Under there is 2 catheters for chimio theraspy it was done in O.R. to make sure it was done in a safe and secure enevironment to keep infection away Under that what it is:
  5. They gone plug in me what they call a pipe line: it a cateter that gone be install permanetly on me and i gone have chemical 5 days in a row, then 3 weeks off and on the mean will they gone clean it once a week and then another 5 days, it done scare me but 5 days in a row in the hospital, it gone become my second house.
  6. I'd like to wish you and your relatives and friends all the best Cheers ... _full.html
  7. [center:2ri8dqev] now no more slowing down in any game[/center:2ri8dqev]
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Kamelot [center:3if03bii][/center:3if03bii]
  9. I'm 64 years old now what a life
  10. there is only 5 people that register for the raffle of the game L.A. Noire
  11. What Operating Systems do you guys have? I have Windows 7 32bit running on my PC. How about you?
  12. Here we write the associations, mafia associations for the previous word. So, an association should be just on a theme of the Mafia. For example, the word "lupara" I have been associated with the word "omerta" & "Sicilia" and "Sicilia" with the word "mafia"... It's clear? Associations may be associated with the Lost-Heaven (for example, with names of missions with loading screens like "death of art"), and the Empire-Bay, i.e. what associated with the Mafia in the USA, Italy... A little condition: only, please - less brutality, blood, catchwords for maniacs, more mutual respect, healthy humor and spontaneity. Also the association shall be one (word or phrase). Well, we try? Write the word: The City of Lost-Heaven. [spoiler:28v807nv]PS. I hope with section was not wrong? [/spoiler:28v807nv]
  13. Hey guys, Which browsers do you guys use? And which one is your favourite? I use Google Chrome, this is definitely my favourite as it loads pages very fast and it is super easy to use
  14. [center:w43horo8][/center:w43horo8] Merry Christmas for everybody, may your days be merry and bright and new year better than previous one. May all your dreams come true and joy come to you and your family By the way, I'd like to wish Crazypreacher quick recovery Cole "Santa Claus" Phelps 8) Enjoy everyone! [youtube:w43horo8] [/youtube:w43horo8]
  15. [center:2ad4lqv7]NORAD is folloing Santa in all his movement in that Xmass eve[/center:2ad4lqv7]
  16. so weak, I can sleep all over the place, It the worst day of the therapy, it like if all my white blood cell are at 0 and that my imune system is leaving me
  17. will be my first chemical injection treatment I'm a little nervous it suppose to be hard on the imune system. wish me luck!
  19. I spend the morning in the hospital to learn that they find out that i have generalized cancer mean it in my lung, my bones, my ganglion and that I have about one year left, but we will try a chemical therapy to try to get a couple of years more :'(