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Found 72 results

  1. I've just started playing the newest piece from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell franchise. Having completed all the previous Splinter Cell games, I didn't hesitate and got this game as soon as it came out. Been waiting for 3 years ever since Conviction was released. And I must say I am really really impressed. The gameplay is fantastic, very easy to get used to. I also love the way you can complete all the missions, be a stealthy ghost, or loudly storm your way through (just like in every other game from the series). Looks like old uncle Sam Fisher from the newly formed 4th Echelon has still got juice to kick some badies' asses. I strongly advise everyone who has played SC and liked it to try Blacklist out. Loads and loads of fun :cheer: System requirements: Minimum: ââ¬Â¢ OS:Windowsî XP (SP3) / Windows Vistaî (SP2) / Windowsî 7 (SP1) / Windowsî 8 ââ¬Â¢ Processor:2.53 GHz Intelî Coreââ¢2 Duo E6400 or 2.80 GHz AMD Athlonâ⢠64 X2 5600+ or better ââ¬Â¢ Memory:2 GB RAM ââ¬Â¢ Graphics:512 MB DirectXî 10ââ¬âcompliant with Shader Model 4.0 or higher ââ¬Â¢ DirectXî:9 ââ¬Â¢ Hard Drive:25 GB HD space ââ¬Â¢ Sound:DirectX 10ââ¬âcompliant DirectX 9.0cââ¬âcompliant ââ¬Â¢ Additional:Peripherals Supported: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, headset, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended) Recommended: ââ¬Â¢ Processor:2.66 GHz Intelî Coreââ¢2 Quad Q8400 or 3.00 GHz AMD Phenomâ⢠II X4 940 or better ââ¬Â¢ Memory:4 GB RAM ââ¬Â¢ DirectXî:11 ââ¬Â¢ Hard Drive:25 GB HD space ââ¬Â¢ Sound:(5.1 surround sound recommended) ââ¬Â¢ Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection ââ¬Â¢ Additional:Peripherals Supported: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, headset, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img]
  2. Looks like this year is 'Year of the Games' many awesome games comed out and will come out this year ( maybe M3 too ) and heres another masterpiece coming out this year: Assassins Creed 4 !!! cant wait !
  3. Just walked into my local discount store (Target) to buy some cat food. I thought I'd peruse the software aisle, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniture sleigh and eight tiny.....erÃâàI mean LA Noire PC DVD (not even focacan steam, straight load to my computer) Apparently they just released it last week for the PC.ÃâàSo.....I got it, and I am installing it as we speak.....I'll let you know how it goes
  4. So its looks like GTA V really gonna be for pc as you can see in the video:
  5. Hi today at 16:00 has been released first GTA V Gameplay video here enjoy
  6. I build myself a server box and i added 3 SOF 2 servers and 1 MOD spearhead server and a team speak server Crazy servers rules Server Rules on Crazy servers Soldier of Fortune II Gold Edition 1. On the Crazy servers it is expected that everybody show respect for all other players, and in particular for the admins, referees, and members of ExtremeMaximum Clan. 2. If an admin and referee are both present at the server, the admins decision prevails. 3. Cursing is allowed on the server, but the overuse of excessively vulgar language will result in a time ban based on the discretion of the admins. 4. Any insults are strictly prohibited, followed by a time ban depending on the level of the offense: - Insults at clan members: BAN without warning for the number of minutes specified by the admin in charge - Name-calling "soft": (eg, noob, low, camp, bot, etc.) = 9 minutes; - Verbal abuse of "hard": (eg, whore, gay, rag, etc.) = 99 minutes; - Verbal abuse of "extreme": insults in relation to family members of players = 729 minutes In the event of a repeat offense of this type, the administrator may extend the time ban at his own discretion. 5. Using offensive nicknames which contain profanity, etc., is strictly prohibited. In this situation, the administrator may remove the player from the server. It is also unwelcome to play under different logins; if such practices are detected, the player will be punished according to the level of the offense. 6. Provoking or ridiculing other players is strictly prohibited. 7. Impersonating a server administrator or a member of the Pure Hate clan will results in an immediate lifetime ban (GUID, IP) from all Crazy servers. 8. Undermining any admin's decision can result in immediate removal from the server. If you believe a =[E|M]= admin has acted in error, settled the issue through proper channels via the appropriate forum section citing reliable instances including screenshots/demos if applicable. 9. Using cheats/hacks in any form is strictly prohibited. Infraction of this type will definitely result in at least a temporary ban by the administrators. 10. Extended camps will be punished with the backfire command (you take damage instead of your enemy) or other various forms of punishment. If the player does not comply to disciplinary measures, he will be kicked from the server. 11. Overflowing the chat with spam will result in the player in question getting muted. The second step will be kicking the subject from the server, and the third action will be a time ban, of who's length is to be decided by the admin. 12. If a player unintentionally violates one or more of these rules, the admin has the right to give him the benefit of the doubt, and withhold punishment. 13. Players with ping higher than 400 may be removed from the server by the admin. 14. The final decision regarding the penalty to a player for breaking the rules is left on the admin. 15. Any other practices not mentioned here that are likewise aimed at destroying the integrity of the game and/or server are likewise prohibited. 16. If a player decides to repeat infractions of a same or similar offence, he will be subject to an IP or GUID Ban You can also use team speack on the server to get the client version of team speack just download it for free ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ ÃÂ Team speack Ip:
  7. GAME DESCRIPTION From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarezî The Gunslinger is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a ruthless bounty hunter onto the trail of the Westââ¬â¢s most notorious outlaws. Blurring the lines between man and myth, this adventure made of memorable encounters unveils the untold truth behind some of the greatest legends of the Old West. KEY FEATURES MEET THE LEGENDARY OUTLAWS Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Jesse Jamesââ¬Â¦ Face down the Westââ¬â¢s most notorious gunslingers and live the untold stories behind the legends. EXPERIENCE A LAWLESS LAND Blaze a trail through the wilderness of the Old West and live an epic adventure through stunning Western landscapes. DISPENSE YOUR OWN JUSTICE With a gun holster tied to your leg, become a ruthless bounty hunter on a journey made of all out gun battles. PREVAIL IN DEADLY GUNFIGHTS Master the art of blasting pistols, shooting rifles, dodging bullets and unleash lethal combos to gun down multiple enemies in split seconds. BECOME THE WEST'S FINEST Choose the specific gun fighting skills you want to develop and acquire new shooting abilities to become the Westââ¬â¢s finest gunslinger.
  8. The game is set in the same post-apocalyptic future as its predecessor, Metro 2033. In it, mankind is struggling to survive beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, away from the deadly threats outside. People and animals who have been exposed to the poisonous substances filling the skies have become mutants who stalk the catacombs and hunt its inhabitants. The survivors are fighting against each other for the remaining resources instead of standing together to fight these dangerous creatures. They all covet an ultimate weapon; a powerful doomsday device from the military vaults of D6. Civil war among the survivors seems imminent and might lead to the end of humanity. The player is cast as 'Artyom' in Metro: Last Light and has to find a way to make sense of the chaos and be the last light in humanity's darkest hour. The game is story-driven and lets the players experience combat situations where they have to fight with an arsenal of exotic hand-made weapons and fight against both human and mutant foes to progress in the game. The world of Metro: Last Light is designed to be an immersible, atmospheric one. Metro 2033 book by Dmitry Glukovsky was one of the best Russian post-apocalyptic books I've ever read.
  9. Battlefield 4 is coming out in the fall and I can't wait!!!! anyone else excited about it?
  10. This is a question for people who are good with modding GTA IV. After downloading the Police Stinger Mod, I got a hold of the Police Stinger's Handling line. So, I went into L my GTA IV directory, and I opened Handling.DAT, and I replaced the Albany Presidente's Handling line with the Albany Stinger's, and then I made sure I saved it as a .DAT file, and not a .DAT.TXT Well, I ran my GTA IV, and the disk started to spin, the Terminal Window Opened for a second, and then closed, but my GTA IV never started. It has already been made modable Using Magic Patch, so it should have worked. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Could somebody please tell me, and how I can fix it?
  11. [center:337ucuzg]You will be well serve by UBISOFT Trials Evolution Gold Edition, plus the game the Gold edition let you make your own tracks it just a very fun game only 19.99$ on steam [/center:337ucuzg]
  12. [center:2xn0aj37]I pull out an old game from my toys box from 2004 Unreal tournament [/center:2xn0aj37]
  13. [center:2ag4wa3r]Try this: [/center:2ag4wa3r]
  14. [center:3n66u1nw]Sniper ghost warrior [youtube:3n66u1nw] [/youtube:3n66u1nw][/center:3n66u1nw]
  15. [center:10akpbvw]It will take us in the mood of mafia 1 but in a new style[/center:10akpbvw]
  16. [center:3plvkbcn]Emergency 2013 a great game to play with friends or family in co-op [youtube:3plvkbcn] [/youtube:3plvkbcn][/center:3plvkbcn]
  17. [center:2u85knfp]An old game remodel using unreal engine in full HD Karateka [youtube:2u85knfp] [/youtube:2u85knfp][/center:2u85knfp]
  18. This is a question for gta iv gamers... I was playing GTA IV The Ballad Of Gay Tony Multiplayer, and I found two guys in a BLACK Albany Police Stingers, the cars were completly invincible, and when you would shoot the players inside, they wouldn't die... Later, one of them left the game, and when he did, the black Police Stinger left as well, and when he came back on, I saw him ride a motorcycle to an odd spot near the roundabout at hove beach. It was near number 17, and I lost him, but by the time I got there, he was in the unique black Police Stinger... Also, he was one of those KSA players, the Kingdom Of Sadia Arabia players, who have been reported to be annoying. But the thing is, how did they get that invincible car on Playstation3? Map Location: If you don't believe this, and want a picture of the Black Police Stinger, then I will get you one, but I cant do it right now, I took it on my phone
  19. [center:2frs35xm]Farm simulator [youtube:2frs35xm] [/youtube:2frs35xm][/center:2frs35xm]
  20. lostinmafia_heaven

    games off topic DOSBox

    Hello there, dear fellow members. Many of you might be aware, or have used 'dosbox', so this is for you who aren't familiar with it. Basically you will be able to play old games, that aren't playable on today's systems. Classics such as; Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, etc.. Here are some useful links: DOSBox 'Good Old Games' Tutorial Happy gaming. 8)
  21. I install 3 new games on my puter: my grand kids will be around so I install farm simulator 2013, assasin cred 3, and Hit man absolution. I will post some video about them.