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    Extracting dialogue audio from Mafia 1?

    You can find all text dialogues in the Tables folder, under the textdb_en.def file. You can edit the file with Mafia Text Editor 1.1

    The Mafioso Mod

    Welcome back on the board Asa. Waiting for the updates, news

    Made Man mod

    Thanks for this guys, I thought, that Mafia 1 modding is dead The truck, whiskey boxes, guns, bullets, shooting are good combination I wish good work for this project, waiting for more screens

    Destroyed City Mod

    I agree with Kirov-MG, looks like it cancelled.I found a site which contains informations about the mod, but the official site doesn't work.Anyway here is:

    The Mafioso Mod

    I hope you'll back in the future, and continue your great work of modding

    New Mod: Violetti Mod

    Any news about progress?
  7. [align=center:1rnswc1y] I wish you faithfull holidays, and Merry Christmas for all members and staffs! [/align:1rnswc1y]

    general off topic Tomorow

    I wish you the best crazypreacher

    Location of cemetery

  10. Really bad to hear this I agree with Mike Bruski, the site won't be the same without you.I wish you the best
  11. JOJOXX

    Location of cemetery

    No, I just wanted to make it passable I'm working on anything else
  12. JOJOXX

    Location of cemetery

    Thanks for quick answer.I found it, I tried to add collision for the land, but the MWME crashes after save.
  13. JOJOXX

    Location of cemetery

    Tell me which mission folder contains the cemetery, and give some coordinates
  14. JOJOXX

    Mafia - Car Park Mod

    You should make sections for cars.A section for "Bolt" models, another section for "Thor" models and so on... Maybe if you add a parking guard, and write him a script...? It's your choice I just wrote my idea Anyway good work for your mod, and don't forget to post some screens in the future
  15. JOJOXX

    Save Sarah Mission Mod

    [align=center:368ribvb]Save Sarah Mission Mod[/align:368ribvb] Description Sarah was kidnapped by a gang.The ransom is 1.000.000$.Tommy, however, doesn't take stock of the request, and goes to save Sarah.Sarah is kept in the industrial place. Screenshots Mess in home On way, to rescue Credits RubyDragon949:Whenever I needed help,he helped me.He allowed me to use some of his scripts.Thanks for that RubyÃÂ JOJOXX:Idea and scripting. ozaki2000:Added some more scripts, and made the mod more actionfully.Thanks ozaki2000 Download Edited Version (edited by ozaki2000)
  16. JOJOXX

    The Mafioso Mod

    Good to see you back on your board Asa As always you posted some nice "secret" screens about your mod, which are beautiful. I like the city activities, just like on your first screenshot, or the alleys atmoshpere on the last two screens I hope that you'll find solution for your script problem, and you'll post more screens in the future
  17. JOJOXX

    Save Sarah Mission Mod

    Thanks for the invite and your shared informations, but I'm not interested for this. I like to mod the game in my viewpoint, and I don't want to finish this. Anyway I hope that there will be more interested for your project. Good luck for this
  18. JOJOXX

    Save Sarah Mission Mod

    I appreciate your work, and thanks for edit to make it more enjoyable and actionfully. I've played, and it looks great because of your new scripts... Can you explain for me, which contest are you talking about ??? Anyway, I will upload your edited version, and I will update the topic Thanks again,ozaki2000
  19. JOJOXX

    The Commission Mod

    Not a bad idea.It's a good end for the next start, and the storyline could be longer and interesting.It's will be a good idea, if you will want to continue or start a new mission mod. Anyway I like this idea
  20. JOJOXX

    Save Sarah Mission Mod

    Thank you ozaki2000.Thanks for try my first mission mod, which not contains any big sensations or anything else. I'm waiting for your feedback, and on this way welcome in my corner I'm working something, which I will share with you guys in the future
  21. JOJOXX

    Next Project: Capoletti 1922

    Detailed screens, and nice idea to make traffic for the town, it makes it more realistic Good work
  22. JOJOXX

    The Mafioso Mod

    Any news about progress?
  23. JOJOXX

    The Commission Mod

    After some great hours, completed the Commission Mod Part 2, and I came here with my feedback So where I start... All missions contained great minutes of action, scenes and gameplay... The Commission Mod Part 2 storyline was interesting and varied just like Part 1. My favourite scenes were: First one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]When Franco, Giovanni and his friend buried the dead body at contryside [/spoiler:1uy85v8d] Second one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]When Franco killed Giovanni at his apartment[/spoiler:1uy85v8d] Of course, there were more nice scenes but these are my favourites When I was playing the missions I found two bugged missions, which I can't completed and I skipped them. First one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]When Franco needs to deliver the boxes to the shop.After I unloaded the truck, in the cutscene after the dialogues nothing happens[/spoiler:1uy85v8d] Second one: [spoiler:1uy85v8d]After reaching the zone, near Little Italy Gas Station, when the yellow car arrive to the gas station, nothing happens.The gas station attendant try to refuel the car, but he can't to do.The cutscene doesn't disappear.[/spoiler:1uy85v8d] In some missions can be found some nice ideas, which I liked just like the [spoiler:1uy85v8d]fireworks, shoot down the lock etc.[/spoiler:1uy85v8d] Overall the Part 2 was great and action-packed.Good work I'm waiting for see what will be in the last part