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    Yes it was
  2. Since there are not many days left I'd like to wish everybody Merry Christmas spent with your families/friends and may these days be merry and calm Also Happy New Year What a pity that these will be Christmas without our friend Crazypreacher, rest in peace
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    Hey friend
  4. Darren, do you know that ? ;3 Â
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    site news Rene, Crazy Preacher

    I've been away for month, I've seen it today at your Facebook page, Joshua  Crazypreacher, you were a good man and helped us much with this site, we all will miss you. You are in better place now, rest in peace sir.   I'd like to thank that guy who informed us about his progress.   Cole
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    How to download Mafia 2 correctly?

    You're a pirate ? ;3
  7. Taylor, have you heard the newest from LP ?ââ¬Å½   Yesterday I went to a shopping mall and I saw a guy that certainly looked like Mike Shinoda :lol:    Also, this is niceââ¬Å½
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    Sekrety w Mafii 1 :)

    Co delete ? Co chcesz kasowaÃâ¡ ?
  9. Gangster Squad - must see if you like mafia theme
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    entertainment off topic Rate song :D

    4/10 Â Nicky Romero - Toulouse :lol:
  11. Hmm Taylor, I remember that you told me via PM that you adore this song :lol: :lol: :lol: