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    Very nice mod... You should make more mods like this ;-) +1 ;-)
  2. MetalCat

    Re: Forklift & M14 ( FOUND ) By GEMB

    Cole Phelps Yes, it is in Test Scene, but if you look, that Forklift is without textures...In is written about it (I think you are Polish, and you can read Czech...If you can, you will known all details ;-) (but for people who doen̫̉t speak Czech, here is a transle to English: ORIGINAL: TRANSLATE: (I apologize about mistakes in translate)
  3. MetalCat

    Mafia II - How to increase the traffic?

    Is there any limit of it?
  4. MetalCat

    Weapon aiming animation

    I think that you can change some animations in file "basic_anim2.sds" in /sds/basic_anim. You can extract it best with SDS Tool Gui (but that you know, right? )
  5. MetalCat

    technical help Megaupload is close

    I don̫̉t think that stoped FBI, but I think it is just some kind of protest because of SOPA...
  6. MetalCat

    MAFIA II - melee weapons

    Andrashi Thank you very, very much for it But somethimes (I think that after first active of script) game use animation style of Vito adapted for each melee weapon...I have tried it and here is a video: existenZ34 Can you implement melee weapons into FR 3.0? I think that it is possible to make that melee weapons be showed in the inventory...What do you think?
  7. MetalCat

    Nostalgia my first FR 23/09/2010

    existenZ34 Sorry I have got lots of programs about text editing, but I have never ever seen this
  8. MetalCat

    Nostalgia my first FR 23/09/2010

    Very nice ;-)...And I really like program in a picture...What is that program ?
  9. MetalCat

    W.I.P. - Delizia 410 Grand American - Completed

    That adding engine and other things will be easy, or easier, will it? Can we expect Delizia this month? ;-)
  10. Hello, I have got 2 questions: 1st: I am looking for all price of stuff in the Empire Bay, like prices in Giuseppẻ̫s, Clothes shops etc... what is in a code of a game. I looked lots of files, in a "shops" too, but there is many files here... Could anybody help with it? 2nd: In that files is lots of FSM files and I want to ask: What is it? I googled but it found me only Flying Spaghetti Monstrum and then something on a wikipedia, but I don̫̉t understand it very well ...
  11. MetalCat

    W.I.P. - Delizia 410 Grand American - Completed

    Better then I though, Mike . Very good job! Have you got any new release date?
  12. MetalCat

    MAFIA II - melee weapons

    Mafia1860 found lots of animations of melee weapons and scripted it. Thank you : ply:SetControlStyle(enums.ControlStyle.LOCKED) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_BIGHIT1-B", false)end,{l_1_0},100,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_BIGHIT1_DAMAGE-A", false)end,{l_1_0},2000,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_BIGHIT1_DAMAGE-B", false)end,{l_1_0},5000,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_BREATH-A", false)end,{l_1_0},8000,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_BREATH-B", false)end,{l_1_0},10000,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_EVADE_L-A", false)end,{l_1_0},12500,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:AnimPlay("35-CC_EVADE_L-B", false)end,{l_1_0},15000,1,false) DelayBuffer:Insert(function(l_1_0)ply:SetControlStyle(enums.ControlStyle.FREE)end,{l_1_0},18500,1,false)
  13. MetalCat

    MAFIA II - Hidden GamesCom 2009 files

    I just put all findings in the first page...If you see something strange in GamesCom Demonstration or GDS 09 demo, post it here..There are lots of people what want to know new things about cut content of Mafia II ;-).
  14. ... into-lifeq I have downloaded this file and I want it open in "one piece" like on a demonstration...
  15. I have downloaded that file from download section and I saw lots of xml files...I am looking for a program what can open it in a "one piece" like in a GDS presentation..