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    Hi, welcome amoung us and have fun with all the mods we have available here you will have fun for years to come
  2. crazypreacher

    How can I change Vito's model?
  3. crazypreacher

    Worker_Pissing and prisoner_shower basic_anim2.sds

    Place a demand with zahar666 or eXistenZ34 they are the masters in that
  4. crazypreacher

    Worker_Pissing and prisoner_shower basic_anim2.sds

    first put that topic in the right place. This place is to introduce yourselve. it not because you get your demand on the first line that people will be helping you, first get your topic in the right place
  5. crazypreacher

    see moore of Zahar 999 work

    If you like to see moore of Zahar 999 work feel free to visit his youtube channel.
  6. crazypreacher

    New Mafia Weapon Editor Pro

    It must work if we see your posts!
  7. Download the mod at: DLC "Friends For Life"(winter and animation)
  8. crazypreacher

    Made Man mod

    That a great job and it is hawsome, I'm sure that will be a great mod, just waiting to play it :cheer:
  9. crazypreacher

    Best Mafia 2 Freeroam Mod

    With friends for life you will have a bunch of new missions also with: jimmys_vendetta_new_version and when Joe new version will be rady it will be a must have
  10. crazypreacher

    To who propose

    DLC_EPILOG_HIGH_TIME_3.0.rar (Mafia II), sorry the link dont work, it been claim by someone else This file denied by another user
  11. crazypreacher

    general off topic A very useful tool for free

    It a free cloud where you can store some games for your tablet or smart phone and reach it when your out on the road. This one free and unlimited, they let us use on game tracker and i share it with you.
  12. crazypreacher

    Mafia III????

    for what i herd the game will be relese with the new version of XBoX and PS4 and you can follow 2k chez on twitter
  13. crazypreacher

    general off topic News on my healt

    I seem worst, people with me in therapy they get out of chimio and the first thing they do when out of the hospital, they light a cigarette, thanks God he gave me the will to stop the day i was sick the 9th of october 2012 it was my last cigarette. But at 12 years you you beleive that your invulnerable, but life hang on a thread Please if you smoke make yourselve a gift of heath and you will also save a ton of money break the habit, stop smoking
  14. crazypreacher

    general off topic A very useful tool for free

    no it call file swap it a free cloud storage at 64 years old i don't joke on a forum where is no joke to be done