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  1. Hmm, one can’t help but wonder. Is it because Russia is in Syria helping Assad?

    “One US defense official directly familiar with the ISIS campaign said it is unclear what the President meant by the comments. The military's current assessment is that now is not the time to consider withdrawal, citing numerous challenges in Syria.”

  2. Well well well . . .

  3. Because nothing makes me feel more "American" than sending our troops overseas to die. (rolls eyes)

  4. Meme of the year right here . . .

  5. Trump hired a racist?!?! NO!

  6. So cold in Japan this morning!

  7. How I feel leaving the plane after a 14 hour flight home . . .

  8. It is the best a man can get HAHA

  9. 20 hours in downtown New Orleans tomorrow. Woot!