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  1. DJThanos

    All MafiaCon Commands?

    Oops! Mafia 1
  2. DJThanos

    All MafiaCon Commands?

    I want a full list of commands for MafiaCon, and if there are some like spawn NPC or change player model i want them too.
  3. DJThanos

    What's up?

    Hello, i'm DJThanos, a new member of this site. I was using MafiaCon many months ago and it's awesome! I hope everything goes fine there with no problems! About me.. well i don't have much stuff to tell, school, reading, computer... I commonly play Mafia 1 and it's the best Mafia so far. Peace!
  4. DJThanos

    Mafia 1 - Hidden Areas

    Okay guys, let me do an introduction first. I'm new user here, but i use MafiaCon a long time ago, and i have to say, it's awesome! Now i will get to the thread's point.. So, can someone enable some mission-exclusive areas? Like, enable it, go to the place where the area is, load the map (by an optional Trigger if it's for doors) and disable any mission scripts, only put the map area. And after you done, leave again by a Trigger if that's a door. If the area is open (Like LH Airport or LH Racing Circuit) make it auto-load when you reach it. The areas i really want are: Old Gallery, Empire Bay (Epilogue area), the Cafe from the meeting with Norman, Hotel Corleone, Racing Circuit, Sallieri's Bar, Tutorial town, Pepe's restaurant, The Old Prison, The LH Queen (Big Boat Party), The Villa, The Bank, Paulie's Flat, Airport, The Cemmentry where Frank is "buried", Main Menu interior, Carcyclopedia interior, Sallieri's Bodyguard house and the Church. I know they are many, but if that's possible, please make it happen. I know, for sure some maybe have no collision, so.. i hope it's possible to create one or enable it if that's hidden. One more, make the NPCs load from the mission and act like in the missions, but MISSION SCRIPTS DISABLED, so you can have only NPCs and map loaded, not the mission itself. And change their behaviour to neutral, and not attack, but only attack if provoked. I hope my request is really possible. Don't affect Free Ride Extreme, but the regular free-ride (Only Daytime). If ruining the missions is required don't be afraid to do it. Thanks for reading it!