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  1. m‍‍

    All MafiaCon Commands?

    Mafia or Mafia II?
  2. m‍‍

    What's up?

    Welcome to the MafiaScene Community, DJThanos!
  3. m‍‍

    Cheats menu

    I have tested it out before, it doesn't work for me sadly.
  4. m‍‍


    What game are we talking about here? Mafia or Mafia II
  5. m‍‍


    [align=center][/align] [align=center]Empire Bay Police Department Force[/align] Here's what I have in mind so far Spawning at the Empire Bay Police Department. Vehicle spawns outside the station. Partner to patrol with you. NPC Behavior If you'd like to help with the development or have any ideas, please let us know your feedback is our motivation Any further development to EBPDF will be posted here, stay updated.
  6. m‍‍

    Scaletta's Pizzeria ( FOUND ) By GEMB

    Hmm, this is really interesting I'm wondering it if someone can put it back into the game again, where's the raw file location of this finding?
  7. m‍‍

    Mafia 2 Barber Shop

    You can fly in M2 and go anywhere
  8. m‍‍

    How to save my modified tables.sds in Rick's Tools

    Click on the "Save Archive" button, and it'll overwrite the file Make sure your overwriting it to the right file location now (/pc/sds/tables)
  9. m‍‍

    Mafia 2 Mod for deleted cutscenes?

    By using INJECTOR or modifying the freeride_main.sds lua, first explore the audio files
  10. m‍‍

    Edit the police spawns

    You can control the spawning in city_crash.sds using SpawnCivilian.lua.AP, I'm not sure if it affects police though modifying this file though does lively up the city alot though PM me, I might make this happen it's fairly easy
  11. m‍‍

    Empire Bay mod

    What do you mean to fix the grammar in the language files or what? I can do that yes I'll start now
  12. m‍‍

    Empire Bay mod

    Leave the folder named as russian in the dlc_data folder, it doesn't really make a different and it'll just give errors but edit the content file using notepad and find sds_ru and replace it with sds_en if that doesnt work just rename it sds_ru it doesn't matter If anyone else wants the english version LMK I'll upload it to the downloads section
  13. m‍‍

    What was Mafia II?

    I enabled the barbers, its in the walk to your mothers script file the rest I haven't a clue I will look into it 100%
  14. m‍‍

    Re: No "Titanic" in PS3 version of Mafia 2

    There's no grass either and PS3 has the worst quality of the game from a comparison video I watched
  15. m‍‍

    Hello, everybody

    Enjoy your stay, stay active man your cool