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    No hurry, my friend. Maybe you can build a mafia 2 LUA wiki as joshua expects. But is it illegal to publish the decompiled LUA codes? Maybe you can answer my questions here: http://mafiascene.net/thread-1595.html http://mafiascene.net/thread-1588.html ----------Thank you !!!
  2. I decompiled some of the LUA files of Mafia2. But I couldn't understand them. For example : I noticed that each LUA file has these two functions: 1. Is the function "onGameInit" the main function, or the function "onEvent"? 2. What do the _ARG_0_ and _ARG_1_ mean? -------------Thank you !!!
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    Empire Bay mod

    Russian people are always so active
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    Hello, everybody

    Thank you Linukkis !
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    Hello, everybody

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    Hello, everybody

    I never mind your delay in responding, because every one has his own business to deal with. And, your "Ni hao" is a real surprise to me !!!
  7. Could you answer my questions about the LUA Script in Mafia II? 1.What are the differences between the standard LUA grammar and Mafia II LUA grammar? -------------------------------------------- This is the standard LUA grammar of function: -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- This is a Mafia II LUA command: -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- 2.Where is the name of a function in Mafia II LUA command? 3.What do the l_1_0 , l_2_0 , l_6_0 , and etc. mean? Are they arguments? Or are they the names of functions? -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- This is another LUA script of Mafia II: -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- 4.What do the two l_1_0 mean? 5.And what is the usage of CommandBuffer:Remove() ? -------------------------------------------- --------Thank you!
  8. Maybe you can try writing multi-file LUA script. Just like those original LUA script packed in the .sds files.
  9. Hello, everybody. I am WJSZ12, a Chinese fan of Mafia II. I have been learning C and C++ and I can understand and write some simple LUA script. I also know how to use Photoshop to edit the texture. So I want to be a modder. As a newcomer to MafiaScene, I want to ask some questions: 1.How can I become one of the Mafia Scene Modders? ------Thank you! ------WJSZ12