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  1. Just installed Mafia II on new pc and ran it. It runs great but I wanted the FR JA v30 mod so downloaded it but found I need the no cd exec. I downloaded that and replaced my exec with that one. It does not work and states because I am missing certain dll's such as binkw32.dll and APEX_release.dll and maybe more to come. This no cd exec worked for me before with my other Mafia II install so why not now?
  2. I really hope you keep the first person in car view. That is the one thing I use most in your other mod. And if you could make it adjustable up and down so I can drive those cars and trucks that have lower windscreens or sun visors in the way. Thanks
  3. teisco

    Re: Mafia II - TakeOver - FR - BETA 1

    Wow, midtown motors had an interior, cool. I can see that someday you guys will have this set up so you can walk in and buy a car.
  4. Yes this game is fantastic. I am almost done and then I will start it all over again and do each case better next time. The detail is fantastic such as the cannery animation with convayer belts and people working, also the fire cases and the burnt out houses that looks so real. When you walk through the ashes they dust up around your foot. The giant chandleer in that one mission that fell was beautifull. So many details. I reallly want to drive in first person veiw and think they were going to have this but omitted it for some reason. The cars have nice interiors and working review mirrors so I am sure it was supposed to happen. If I could open the files I would search for that view and change it. My Google search turned up very little in mods for this game although there was a reference to a file opener but no links.
  5. I would love to have a first person driving view added.
  6. teisco

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v2.0

    I love it and it has changed the game for me. I am still amazed at the cool things I can now do thanks to you. Please keep on keeping on.
  7. Gets better and better, thanks,
  8. Yes, thank you. Your v2 changed the game for me and made it great and I am looking forward to your v3.
  9. Just got this on the Steam sale and no matter how much tweaking I do in the Nvidia driver console I get lots of moire or wiggly lines and textures on movement such as driving. Is the anyone that has a fix for this or any advice on getting the best quality graphics out of this game?
  10. teisco

    Hey teisco

    I will upload it all here when it is coomplete, still working on it.
  11. teisco

    Hey teisco

    Yes that is cool but the thing for me is driving. I used to drive these cars and now, thanks to Ex I can drive them again.
  12. teisco

    Hey teisco

    Cool if you could find a way to adjust the veiwpoint a bit. A friend of mine had one of these and I got to ride in it several times. Really nice car.
  13. teisco

    Hey teisco

    I do like that one and drive it some times. The main porblem is I am using the first person driving view from eXistenZ34's mod and I sit too high or the windshield is too low and it is hard to see. I should do this one though as it is a neat car. Wish the top went down, lol.
  14. teisco

    Animation for human entity

    Cool, would be nice to have something going on when I walk in that place. Got your ja 2.0 and it is the best thing to happen to this game. I love the first person view in the cars and how you made it fit all of them. I drove many of those cars when they were around back in the day and this brings it all back. Thanks to you I finally got into the observatory and it is amazing all the work they went to for that interior. I could not find that room with the star projector though. Keep on doing these amazing mods please.