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    Hello there little guy, Here's an Solution for you: The ability of Removing Hats is Available in the Free Roams. For e.g. Epilog High Time Link:Â How to:Â 1. First Step: Open Load Chapter ( After Installing the Mod ) Â 2. Second Step: Choose Free Ride. And then chose Weather you want to use. 3. Go exactly to that Place in the House and when you see the: Action press E to Open the Menu, Where you choose Next. 4. Fourth and the Final Step: Press the R and your Hat will dissapear. And also don't forget to have Update IV installed. Hope I helped You and everything is gonna work well ! If so, I would appreciate: Like This to my Post. Have Fun !
  2. I think it would be good if in Missions and Side-Missions you could be getting Respect and Higher-Position in your Mafia Family, Which would give you more accesories. For e.g. there could be some Bonus Weapons that would be Locked by Rank, Or you could have an opportunities to call a small Group of Mafians with you, And the Higher Respect and Rank, the More amount of Mafians and Stronger Mafians with Stronger weapons you could call with yourself. By that I'm not trying to say that when you hit a High Rank and Respect that you could had like Hundreds of Mafians with you, There could be like some limit e.g. 5 Mafians Max. And also there would be Missions where you could Call your Buddies and Missions you Had to do Alone and Missions your doing with one of Main characters. And there could be like Decisions that would be changing the story for Each character and it all be getting more Interesting. Also there could be something like Dude with Weapons, Dude that Tunes cars, And if you will do some Side-Jobs for them, You could get better Weapons, Better Tuning for Cars, And better Prizes, Or even get some things for Free if you get Higher Respect from them. And as the First text sayed, Yeah it would be cool if Each character would be Good for something Else, E.g. Someone would be good on Thefts, Someone would be good for Assassinating etc. And each one would be getting Special Missions just for Them sometimes, And also Each one would be Playing he's Own Role in the Missions they would Recieve. And it'll also be Cool if you could Un-Lock things like Cars, Weapons, Areas in the Free Roam by how you Progress in the Story and some Side-Missions. Also there could be Bonuses like e.g. In GTA San Andreas when you Tag all the Graffits you get an Reward like Money or some Vehicle permanently Parked to your House. Because in Mafia 2 you don't get nearly Nothing for collecting all the Playboys and Wanteds [ As far as I know. ].Â
  3. Im not much sure about the City I would like the game to be in. But if it would be one of the cities that already was in games, I hope it will be much different, because I really am excited about the new city, but if it would be one of the already played cities, but with some changes and in new textures, thats not much what i want. I would love a whole new city, new destination to explore. But the Idea of coming back to the Lost Heaven, Or to the Empire Bay is very interesting also. Then there could be ways to connect to the old stories. Im not much sure if I want some connection to the Back Story or totally new, but if theywould be for Empire B then it would be nice if theywould be like once speaking of the Two Mafians that blown off the Biggest Hotel in city, or something about Vito or those of our heroes in Mafia 2.
  4. One thing that interests me, is that one character would be called Franklin and he will be black. That is pretty much the same as in GTA V. And Michael is like Original version of name: Mickey. Yet only thing that is same with Trevor and Tony is the letter T at the beggining. Trevor, Franklin, Michael -> Tony, Franklin, Micky. T.F.M. I don't know why those names in those two games are so simmiliar.
  5. First of all I hope it will keep happening in the Old ages e.g. Mafia 2 1942 - 1945  , And I hope it Won't get "Too Modern". Because that is one of the reasons why I love these Games, because there aren't Modern Cities, Modern Music, Modern Clothes and People with some Ultra-Shinny-Super-Fast-Cars [ Although I know that is what some of the people really want ] But I would love it keep it Old-Ages, Also the Second World War Mission / Reference was really awesome and I liked it, So the first thing I want is for it to be in the Older Days. Second I would like to see some Nature e.g. The Free Roam in the Mafia 1 where you could visit the Forest. In Mafia 2 there is not much of a Nature, But I like the dam and that in Joe Adventures there is A little bit more of Nature. Next I would like to see some Easter Eggs, Not much of them as there is in GTA V [ I'm looking at You aliens. ] As far as you can see, I want to keep our Mafia Games keep being the "Mafia Games" and not to turn into something like GTA just to get Fans. Because if someone wants something like it, Then he can just go and play GTA, But this is Our Game, Our Mafia and I love the style and the way it is, And I sometimes hear from some people that they want it more like GTA but I'm always thinking: Nope. But I'm okay with your Opinion about Free Roam. And about the Storyline, I highly loved the Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 also, I cannot say that M1 was better neither i cannot say that M2 was better, I Loved both of them, And for me the Mafia 2 story is All Okay. I don't have problems with it, I liked it, I enjoyed it and I becamed a Part of the story same as I becamed the Part of the Mafian Family of our dear Heroes while Playing it. It really touched my heart when it Ended. And then there was another hero Jimmy, Nice thug which I also liked, Then I founded out about Joe's Adventures and seeing the Joe taking care of Bussiness that happend to Vito was also pretty Cool. So I don't want any Big Changes in the Story from how it was till Today, But I'm sure that for Some People the Longer Story would be very appreciated, I don't need to make Very-Long story to keep those people Satisfied, Because if they make up some amazing Story-Line and then they start putting in some small missions in it just to keep it Long, Then the story would stop being as Awesome as it could be. I want them just to write down an Amazing story and I don't care much about Lenght of the Story. Because in GTA V they've had to create a Long story to keep people satisfied because it's different type of Game that always ends good and is about crazy dudes in Modern world with cool fast shinny cars with loud Rap music and with not much of a feelings in it, And then it's also pretty Un-Realistic with all those Bazucas [ Rocket Launchers if I spelled the name Wrong ] and Helicopters. I'm not a Hater of an GTA V, I really liked it, But I want to keep our Mafia Game still being the old good classic heart touching Mafia Game. But I'm curious about the Graphic it will have, Because the Graphic ways GTA V went is now too much Realistic and I don't like it that much, But with Mafia 2 It all looks amazing and great to me. Hope 2K will make an Amazing job with it [ If they even plan to create that game. ] But it probably be a different thing from what we seen till today, But I think now I do know what to get for Christmas because I don't have an New-Gen console that could run a Mafia 3 because it probably be Only for Consoles which will bring a little bit of Haters because they would love to download it on PCs. As far as I can say, Mafia Series are my Favorite Games in the World and if Another Masterpiece is about to came out, I would be un-imaginably happy. That's all from my of how I imagine a new Masterpiece if it would be about to came out. By all this I didn't say much about Features that I would want, More of keeping it the same Game as it was and about The World in the Game, But when it's in Lousiana then I expect some Swamp missions which will make it Okay to satisfy me. I still think of some Real Features that I would like in it, But now I cannot write them, Even that was a Long text and if I write all at once and in One post, Some People wouldn't even bother with reading it.
  6. Hi Community, I've seen that now there aren't much of a Members that would keep Posting here, Because all the Posts I see we're posted long-time ago or by the Staff. I remember in the Old days there was always something to talk about ( / Post about ) and the Page was simply Alive. I either wasn't there for a long time, But when i came back seeing the Same posts I've seen when I visited the Page for the last time, Was just kind of Sad that there aren't any New people who are still Interested in this Page as I or some other people was. Maybe it's just me thinking that the Forums are slowly dying, But do you people think it't because people are stopping to be interested in Mafia, Or because there aren't much of a New Mods or People just simply got Bored of this Page ? As I told it's sad to see that now there aren't much of a New Posts etc. But I hope it will be going the right path again and People will come back or new ones will come and the Community will keep growing, Im excited about all the News from Mafia 3 that are Posted here / Going to be posted. And I hope that Mafia 3 will came out [ And you will have to re-create the Background to Mafia 1, 2 and 3 Community ] And that it will Lead here a New Fans of Mafia or old people will come back and new Discussions about M3 will start then and it All will come back to Go again. But if M3 will be created just for Xbox One and PS4 then there Probably won't be any Mods for it, But I hope that People would like a place where are people with same Interests as they ( In Mafia Games ) And that they will enjoy being there with another Mafia Fans and the Community will grow again. I really like these Forums and would like to see it back As alive as it was, Or even more. Well that's all I wanted to say right now. And also I would like to Introduce myself, I'm an Older Member of the Forums before named Taylor. And I must say, New Look and other things that Changed on the Page are really pretty and cool, I really like New Look and things that camed along with it. Regards, Europe.