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    Vito Scaletta's Service Uniform [W.I.P]

    I use, it works fine for me. anyway what you need to do is in your file just cover want you don't want to show up with what ever the prominent color is, it's usually blueish green color. and the same with your file which is almost always black. As far as editing things in the file, well that's simply trial and error or at least that's how I do it. Â Â I Hope This Helps. Â Ron.
  2. Ron Mathews


    Howdy from Oklahoma U.S.A. From a short, fat, bald guy. Â Ranger Ron.
  3. Ron Mathews

    Remove Hats

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Ron Mathews

    Using Injector

    Injector don't seem to work with re-packed versions of the game. "I hate carrying my disc around with me " Â Therefor I just smoke more myself to make up what Vito don't.Â
  5. Ron Mathews

    Remove Hats

    I've seen photos of Vito without hats like in his biker outfit. Can someone please share with me how that's done? and if it's a mod, why can't I find it?