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    A couple o' questions from a newbie:

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to this forum. I've been lurking for some time now already tho.  I've got some questions regarding Mafia II mods: 1)How would one add a "garage" to the unlocked Mansion available in the free ride mod? The house is beautiful but isn't exactly functional without a garage (most of my freeriding is earning cash (which I can't spend but I pretend I've spent it on buying cars legally) and modifiying these cars and driving them around.)  2)Is there a mod which adds a new wheel option, something between the '40s wire wheel and the '50s racing-wire-wheel. Something like these Cadillac ones: or these Buick ones: Preferably it should be a bit thinner than the '50s one, but thicker than the '40s one.  3)Is it possible to allow for supercharging without showing the supercharger and shortening the exhaust pipes . I'm asking because I don't exactly like the looks of these and find it pretty ludicrous that land battleships such as '50s american cars need outside space for superchargers. Also, even if that special kind of supercharger had to be exposed to the airflow to be useful, I'd guess the centrifugal supercharger would work aswell - and they were available back in the days.  4)How does engine sound change with modifications? The Potomac Indian (Pontiac) had that asthmatic engine sound no other cars had, when it wasn't tuned, but after tuning the engine it sounds just as every normal engine. Or like a racing car when supercharged.  5)Purely aesthetic. All Black vs All White vs Blackcurrant, what do you think?