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    Edit the police spawns

    Hello people, Â I came up with this idea, to edit the amount and types of police that spawn during the wanted level and was wondering if this was possible? I just registered on this site so I have no idea what can and can't be done I don't know if police spawns are hardcoded or not and wether it is possible to spawn additional enemies with a script while wanted. There isn't that much I would change, I thought it might be cool to have those SWAT police officers from Joe's adventures Supermarket mission show up on foot during free ride at the highsest wanted rating. Â I'm also wondering if you can set the amount of police patrolling the streets of Empire bay, the weapons they use and also how much wanted level a crime is worth (for example how many cops you need to kill for the wanted status to go from 3 to 4 stars) Â Thanks for reading.
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    Hello everyone! Â I'm new here and I signed up because I, offcoarse, like Mafia and I also like mods. I have the Mafia II Directors Cut and I find it a really enjoyable game. The details, the story, the gameplay,... it suits me well. A good balance between realism and fun is my cup of tea. Â Thats about it, I'll see you in the forums