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    Add/edit new music and traffic

    Is there any way to open ingame.sds or tables.sds so that I can edit them and save them (without having to work with Hex Editors)? I've googled and googled for a good solution, but I can't find one anywhere. I really want to be able to edit the files in those two directories.
  2. Ptylersworld

    Mafia 2 2k Cut Radio mod

    Really glad you made this mod. I've been looking for a good radio mod for this game for quite a while now.  Can you tell me how you edited the table.lua files to add the songs to the game? I wanted to add some extra songs to the game, but I can't figure out how to save changes to the tables in-game.
  3. Ptylersworld

    Add/edit new music and traffic

    I've been looking at the same files. Apparently, Mafia II has a playlist system implemented for songs. Each song has an ID number, and playlists are kept in one of the files (as mentioned in OP) for each chapter, so that the songs can be played in a certain order. This was an aesthetic choice by the developers of the game, as they wanted certain songs to play in certain chapters to entertain the "mood" of the storyline in the game. It is possible to convert more songs into the correct file format, and "add" the songs to the song ID list and playlist files so that they show up, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. If anyone could tell me how to edit the table files so that they do work, I'd highly appreciate it. Â I also want to edit the traffic files for the game (CARM15DAMBIENT, etc)Â so that a wider variety of cars appear, as mentioned in the OP, but I can't, because the table files won't let you save them. I would like to edit the files so that older cars appear further into the game (like it did before the game was released), and also add the DLC cars to certain chapters so that they spawn in the game too. I was doing some digging inside the table files for the game in SDS Explorer, and I actually found a file that had the list for all the possible color combinations that cars spawn in inside the game, and I found out that all the DLC cars actually have more than one color combination listed, even though the three hotrods from Chapter 8 are the only DLC cars that actually use them, and all the other DLC cars only use one of the color combinations each. This consistently proves, along with the GDC 09 footage of Mafia II, that the DLC cars were originally supposed to be part of the actual list of cars in-game, but they were ripped out to be DLC only.
  4. Ptylersworld

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0

    Â I was wondering if Existen could help me with this problem on my JA Freeroam 3.0. It seems to happen very frequently after a certain number of hours playing on one savefile, or after driving a certain number of cars (I think around 40 or so). Is there anyway to fix the game or patch this issue without having to start a brand new save file? I really don't feel like collecting all of those cars all over again.