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    Mafia Melancholia Mod (HD overhaul mod)

    Hey mad max, Are you still working on this? I would like to know because i am holding out on replaying till its done and i don't mind waiting but if you stopped making it, there's not much point in waiting Thanks,
  2. johncena1

    Movie from Mafia I - scripting help

    This looks very good from the trailer Also, you should remove your email address and use the PM system here to avoid spam bots
  3. johncena1


    Welcome YorpieÂ
  4. johncena1

    Turning Head with mouse

    I'm sure there could be a code binding for it....
  5. I had this problem on my first ever copy after a few installs, bought a new one, and that was fine for a while then it did the same, I think both were on A0.dta though. I think maybe get a new copy, but maybe someone has a fix ? My friend plays Black Ops 2 on Intel graphics so you should be fine with mafia
  6. johncena1

    Mafia: True Story mod (single player story)

    Wow, this looks awesome, I can't wait to play this!!
  7. johncena1

    [LUA function]Re-open shops.

    ah sorry to hear that, perhaps it was coincidence then
  8. johncena1

    [LUA function]Re-open shops.

    Hello Pursuit, I had this question a while back when I robbed a gun shop and killed the owner. I loaded the game again and went to rob a different shop and the old one re-opened, not sure if was just coincidence but you can try it.
  9. johncena1

    Re: Villa Mod?

    Glad to hear that
  10. johncena1

    Re: Villa Mod? Found it in one of Matteo's post, appears to still work, let me know if it does.Â
  11. johncena1

    World War II in MAFIA ?

    Very nice
  12. This is very sad news. CrazyP will definitely be missed by our community, he has made a huge contribution to our community here at MS, it's very sad news to hear that he is gone, but he is at peace now. RIP CP.
  13. johncena1

    Mafia 1 - How do I change cars in the racing mission?

    Use Mafia Data Xtractor:ÂÂ to extract the game files, paste it in the main mafia folder and click the shortcut and extract all of the files, wait for this to finish. Then make a copy of the models folder, somewhere else on your pc (for backup). Now, find the car you want to replace and the one to replace it using the list below. and copy the one that will replace it to somewhere else and rename it to the same name as the car you are going to replace, copy it back and click copy and replace, it should now show up the new car. Â Below is the list of the cars names in the models folder in the game directory.Â
  14. johncena1

    Mafia 3

    Movember is growing a beard for charity
  15. johncena1

    How to download Mafia 2 correctly?

    Right click the steam icon on the notification bar (Bottom right) Click Library, Right click Mafia 2, Click Properties, Go to the tab named 'Local Files', Click Verify Integrity of game cache, wait for it to finish and it will probably download some missing/corrupted files.