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  1. shmonkeyshmonks

    Mafia Play through Video

    Hi again, Episode 4 in Mafia is now up for viewing.
  2. shmonkeyshmonks

    Mafia Play through Video

    Hi guys my latest Play through video of Mafia is now available  :-) Â
  3. shmonkeyshmonks

    Shmonkey Shmonks Is Here

    Thanks so much Joshua.  I'm looking forward to being a valued member.  My user name on the .com site is h0ggster In case you were wondering  :-)
  4. Hi all, Im a .com member and was originaly from about 2003. It's great tp be here, I have a Youtube account shmonkeyshmonks that I am currently doing a play through of Mafia 1 on PC. You can check it out here Ill be uploading episode 2 tomorrow :-)