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    Mafia: True Story mod (single player story)

    Awesome! Absolutly new gameplay in Lost Heaven. Not quite Mafia1, but it has style and so dynamic.  Modder, site is down. Please, look  private message.
  2. comicsguy

    Mafia 1 - How do I change cars in the racing mission?

    johncena1, do you know models name for other vehicles (airplane, dirigible, steamboat, powerboat, subway etc) ? Some car names start from FMV, for example FMVthunderbird.4ds (they are look better).  Fresh link about replace-cars-in-mafia-1
  3. comicsguy

    Re: Villa Mod?

    Thanks, it's work. Continue of discussion
  4. comicsguy

    Matteo Mods

    UPD. Found all the other links to download on your site. Did you plane update Villa mod: Morello went from the theater to the villa (mission Creme_De_La_Creme)? Who lost the key? Â Thanks
  5. comicsguy

    LH map on Grand Theft Auto IV? GTALostHeaven Jul 18 2013, 4:13pm says: Apologies for the lack of updates, but my PC died and I have been unable to replace it (unemployed!), I only have a crappy netbook at the moment, this project has not been abandoned.
  6. comicsguy

    Re: Villa Mod?

    johncena1, did you find link to download "Villa Mod" ? I need it to. Â Anybody want create mod: Morello went from the theater to the villa ?Â