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  1. Hi All,  I am new by here and I'm looking for  the best free ride mod for the base game. I finished the campaign today and I want to keep playing this way. I want a FR mod that gives me the option to save game. For the base game, is it possible?  Regards,
  2. Scriptz

    Best Free Ride Mod - Base Game

    Well, I have installed and played. But unfortunately is not possible to save the game. It's possible, but when I load the game the graphics are horrible (no trees, no grass), and when I shot the game stucks and I have an error message. Do you know a working FR mod with save option?  Where can I find the Jimmy's Vendetta DLC? (pirated)
  3. Scriptz

    Best Free Ride Mod - Base Game

    Is it possible to save game? And works with the Mafia 2 without any DLC?
  4. Scriptz

    Best Free Ride Mod - Base Game

    My game is Mafia II, not Mafia I. But thanks I am looking for a free ride mod and I cannot find it...