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    Shmonkey Shmonks Is Here

    Welcome aboard!
  2. lpg_unit

    Add/edit new music and traffic

    I actually tried to shoe in a new radio station to the game. It did show up ingame, but unfortunately it didn't read the files from the directory I made. IDK if it's because of some hardcoded object limiter, or something else that's keeping the game from playing any new stations or media.
  3. lpg_unit

    Mafia 2 request

    Now all we have to wait for is a proper import/export plugin for Zmod or 3DS Max.
  4. Anyone know the filenames, or as to where can I find the character speech for the game? I'm planning to use Salieri's dialogue for a YTMND site.
  5. lpg_unit

    Be Aware of that fraud

    Yeah, but it's a scammy one fooling people into filling up a survey. Survey scammers, always looking for a way to gypp unsuspecting people. > NINJA EDIT: I think the download's gone now. Just took a quick look at the vehicles section and the ones in question seem tot.
  6. 'Tis such a sad loss for the music industry, as the lead vocalist for the Andrews Sisters passed away just recently: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/patty-andr ... 21755.html Thought of sharing this, well, since we all know that at least some of their songs made it into the Mafia II soundtrack.
  7. Also, I highly doubt that Detective Norman died in a plane crash. There wasn't anything that suggests such speculation - all we know is that he did an interview with Tommy and granted him witness protection.
  8. You forgot to mention "Friday" by Rebecca Black. It was reportedly so bad, that I refuse to listen to even a single second from that "song". "Call Me Maybe" is annoying, but I do listen to it sometimes.
  9. Haven't recalled encountering you on the old Mafia Scene, but welcome! ;D
  10. lpg_unit

    The Titanic Mod

    Looking good so far, keep it up!
  11. You can either add the Mafia II executable to your Norton's exception list, or ditch your current AV and install Avast instead.
  12. lpg_unit

    Increddible asset of modding tools

    The 5DS converter and the lipsync tool seems lulz - wonder if we can make a Gangnam Style remake in Mafia... ;D
  13. lpg_unit

    [WIP|BETA] SC-20K

    Thanks! I was actually wondering as to why the hell the flash doesn't work even if I use Zmodeler for exporting. At first I thought that I just mucked things up when I used Max for exporting, but now that you mentioned that applet, you saved my ass on that one.
  14. lpg_unit

    How to replace cars in Mafia 1 ?

    In the case of the Ulver Airstream/Airflow, the ones that needed to be replaced were airflFor10, airflFor11, airflFor00, airflFor01 and airflFor20. As far as I can observe, the first digit in the car model's filename stands for the LOD level, 0 being the highest and 2 the lowest. The second digit dictates the model's colour variant.
  15. lpg_unit

    [WIP|BETA] SC-20K

    Yes, that's the one, thanks You're welcome! I actually looked for that ride after watching the Kit Kittredge movie.