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    I feel so welcome. :lol: Forgot to mention my location - Melbourne, Australia. B)
  2. What up, Porkies! I'm SL1DE. And I've been playing Mafia II since first day of release in 2010. Have it on both PS3 and PC. (Got it on PS3 first) I have also played the first Mafia game, and although the story was great, I wasn't too thrilled with the mechanics. Mafia II is perfect though. <3 Anyway, hi. Glad to have finally joined these forums after these months of lurking.
  3. So, converting songs to the game using "Mafia II Music Manager", usually your custom song would be blank on radio outside of a car. However, I added a 30 minute long Wolfman Jack Show aircheck without editing it or anything and I plays the full thing on a radio inside of a bar. The audio file itself was 128kbps so I tried converting stuff to 128. But that was no bueno. So, I came here to the professionals of Mafia games, what do I have to do to get it working on radios? Do I need to convert it to a specific setting, or does everything over 30 minutes long magically work? Because I wanted to edit the airchecks to make 10 minute long clips and have the whole Delta Radio station "The Wolfman Jack Show". Thanks! Edit: Solved! I figured out that it has to be mono audio in order to work on radios!