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    Modern cars Mods - request

    Oh , I see ..... It would be awesome because of the great handling,effects and simulation of driving , hope they can reveal some tools that help moding in the future , and hope M3 to include M1&M2 realistic features thanks for reply
  2. I wonder why there is no moded cars in Mafia 2 yet like the ones where in Mafia 1 ? what is the problem , or what makes it difficult to mod real life cars or ( modern cars I mean ) ? Is there any way to Export/Import Cars Models from Mafia 2 ? It would be amazing to see modern cars with the graphics and textures of Mafia 2 as it is more realistic than in 1
  3. SolomBMW

    Mafia Melancholia Mod (HD overhaul mod)

    Really a great work , I can't wait to try it ! ! :woohoo: Good luck with the remaining textures , keep up