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    Hello everyone, i've not been as active as much as i'd like to have been in the past 6-9 months, I guess it's because of the disappoint due to Zmodeler3 with no Mafia II import. But things are looking up for all of us as Mafia fans because there is alot of news brewing about the unveiling of Mafia III later this year. I really hope they don't mess this up like they did with Mafia II and make Mafia III incredible. Because last time I was that disappointed, I played GTAIV. And speaking of GTA I don't even think V is gonna come near as to how legendary GTASA was, but i'm optimistic and hopeful that it is better.
  2. Mike Bruski

    Made Man mod

    Your new mod does sound very interesting, i'd love to see more. I look forward to this mod, and even though I may not be available as I used to be, I still love to play Mafia I Mods.
  3. Mike Bruski

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0

    Very nice, you made the cathouse packed with NPC's, good work man.
  4. Mike Bruski

    general off topic It a sad day for me

    That is awful to hear mate, everyone here really loves how commited you are to MafiaScene. All the work you put into this site is as much if not more than me and Joshua, this site would more than likely not be the same at all without you, and I feel I speak for others when I say, I wish you the absolute best of luck in your fight with cancer and a speedy recovery.
  5. Mike Bruski

    Boz Mod

    I have to say, you're doing an incredible job, it makes me want to play Mafia I all over again when you complete this mod. Very excited to see all of this completed. 8)
  6. Mike Bruski

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    Very fun thread, I love to browse through and see all the stuff.
  7. Mike Bruski

    Suits from mafia 1into mafia 2

    I will say, I don't mean to be rude at all, but of all the suits available in the game for Vito, the person chose an off the rack cheap-o suit, I understand Vito does not have a double breasted coat, but the person that did this mod could've modified the 3 piece suit from the uptown district. I will say the Paulie suit does look very similar apart from a different tie pattern, and it's a nice job, just the Tom suit is all wrong. ( I mean no offense at all, just being honest. )
  8. Mike Bruski

    Prediction: Mafia III to debut in 2012?

    I would say, from the looks at this time, your probably correct, and seeing Mafia III in 2016, is almost as LONG as it took for them to make the 2nd Mafia. But it's obvious that this is case, they don't even have senior workers at the place, it's a studio without directors, could be a long while before even any news is released.
  9. Mike Bruski

    Happy Tenth Birthday, Mafia!

    I loved that video, ( there was some brill parts of the story left out, but it's still a VERY lovely video and really enjoyed watching it ). 8)
  10. Mike Bruski

    Happy Tenth Birthday, Mafia!

    Happy Birthday Mafia 1! 8) The creator of the game we all LOVE, Daniel Vavra!
  11. Mike Bruski

    games off topic About sleeping dogs

    I will say, i've played quite abit of Sleeping Dogs so far, and it has to be one of the best games I've ever played, beats the hell out of SR3 and IV and especially Mafia II. The game is VERY enriching with the story, it feels deep, plus, LOTS of variety, amazing kung fu, I can't say much else that makes this game much better, lol. I am blown away by it, I will say the Driving is ( meh ) but still you get used to it and once driving for abit the driving is not all that bad, the game is what openworld games should be, LOTS of side missions, ALWAYS maintaining the player's appearence, food, and fight quality's, last time I was this impressed, I was playing GTA SA.
  12. Mike Bruski

    Prediction: Mafia III to debut in 2012?

    Yeah, I thought the situation was okay over there, we heard all this news of already in deep production etc, and then we find out 2 years later, they need pretty much an entire new work force. Apparently a Mafia III announcement may happen next years E3, and if not, probably the year after, I strongly feel we're going to be waiting, another 3-5 years for the next Mafia III. :unsure:
  13. Mike Bruski

    Prediction: Mafia III to debut in 2012?

    Check out what Mafia-Daily has reported, apparently the top job's at 2K Czech are in dire straits for people to work there, maybe this is a good or a bad thing, not sure. http://mafia-daily.net/2012/08/2k-czech ... onalsuche/
  14. This is a fun song. [youtube:gfhzoqnk] [/youtube:gfhzoqnk]