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  1. can we add more moves in mafia like more shooting moves ,morefighting moves etc ,like we can do in gta sa
  2. dwapar

    The Titanic Mod

    hi robville,  your work is always awesome  I just want to know can we add some adventures in mafia like we see in gta and max payne and also in godfather pc game to make mafia more interesting
  3. dwapar

    World War II in MAFIA ?

    thanks for reply ,your latest work is reeally inspiring ,keep it up and best of luck
  4. dwapar

    World War II in MAFIA ?

    your work is good, Â Can you make different faces for different chracters that looks realistic ,please also try to make more graphical enhancement than original mafia 1
  5. dwapar

    The Commission Mod

    hi ruby welcome back, I just have small request that please reupload your story mod days in the life mod.I want to play that mod
  6. dwapar

    The Commission Mod

    hi your part 1 is awesome,but your part 2 download link shows no file found by gamefront what i do
  7. hi, i really want Days In The Life mod by rubydragon,so but i didnt find it anywhere,i have part 1,but please reupload part 2