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  1. Could somebody repost the file, or at least tell me what should I do with freeride.sds to get this effect? Thanks
  2. jaca37

    Mafia II - Weather in freeride

    I know I already asked it a year or so ago, but I had to reinstall M2 and now I don't remember how did I add weather templates to freeride. I could switch about 20 weather templates from different missions using lua. Which weather files do I insert and where? EDIT: OK, so I found my old post (http://mafiascene.net/forums/13/7953) and now I'm looking for that file zahar999 wrote about, but all links are dead :-\
  3. jaca37

    Traffic (Mafia II request)

    Try this one: http://mafiascene.net/forums/13/12777
  4. jaca37

    New weapons sounds

    Director, that guy called hexeditor has stolen dozens of mods from mafiascene and published them as his. He also stole my Colt M1911 retextured and erased my signature from promo screenshot...
  5. jaca37

    Mafia 2 Multiplayers

    So is this project dead once again?
  6. jaca37


    You'll find almost everything you need in those topics: http://mafiascene.net/forums/13/12659 http://mafiascene.net/forums/13/56 http://mafiascene.net/forums/13/10446
  7. jaca37

    Survivor Map - Mafia 2 ?!

    Well... If you use lua commands to fly into the stadium, you'll will see that there is almost nothing. Pitch texture is in really low resolution and of course there is no collision so you will fall through the floor. I think that you can't mod stadium without SDK. And it's well-known that we'll never get an SDK for Mafia2
  8. jaca37


    Just use lua injector. You can use lua commands in story mode and they work pretty well.
  9. jaca37

    there is a little challenge

    First of all I didn't find the short revolver at http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Bonnie_and_Clyde. Are you sure it's from the movie? Second, I think that making .38 revolver dark would be easy, and I might try it soon.
  10. jaca37

    get rid of intro video in mafia 2

    That's right. I'm using the steam version
  11. Are you sure that you use this trainer as you should? You first launch game and then the trainer. And sometimes you have to wait few seconds for the trainer to start working.
  12. jaca37

    get rid of intro video in mafia 2

    I deleted all 3 files: logos.wmv, logos.bik and nvidia.bik and it doesn't crash.
  13. jaca37

    Polish Mod i World War 2- Mafia 1

    Problem w tym, üe to mafiatown, a najnowszy post jest z lutego... :-\
  14. Do you use No-CD crack? And, by the way, some lua commands need delay script. Like this one:
  15. jaca37

    Cabriolet Car

    @eXistenZ34 Could you explain how did you make this, so that we can experiment with your finding? Or is it confidential?