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    Re: Pretty Damn Cool Mafia I Mod

    I especially think the mission in Sicily looks so alike the original, just amazing.
  2. Don Calzone

    New info Free Ride for Mafia II v4.0 (abandoned )

    Wow that's really great work eXistenZ34. Just pressing the E-key will make it easier and faster to open the doors and the black fades won't interrupted the gameplay anymore. Could this technique be used for all doors and gates? Does it work with the places that aren't loaded automaticly in Freeride or would it work if they were previously loaded when the player comes near to them?
  3. Don Calzone

    any updates?

    @ Cole Phelps: That's the other multiplayer mod by modmywhat, but they haven't had news for ages and have far less progress (-> their mod is dead). The correct links are: The mod is still in development and a pre-alpha should come out soon (I hope). But they had already announced a release for September or October. Of course modding Mafia II isn't easy, especially if you attempt something that great. Aaron has asked 2K Czech if they're releasing an SDK for Mafia 2. (!/m2mp) I suppose we'll get more information when he gets or doesn't get a response from 2K Czech. I wish Aaron best of luck, but I don't think 2K Czech will release an SDK...
  4. Don Calzone

    Mafia 2 Hilwood Sign

    Hello, you could change your position with the klusark's injector. You can get it here Maybe someone knows how to fly around. I never tried it, sorry.
  5. Don Calzone

    M2-Multiplayer Main Menu!

    If I'm not quite mistaken there aren't any great changes of the content in the menu, just a redesign (in my opinion no great improvement). M2MP looks quite promising. They are making it completely free and are ahead of ModMyWhat in the developing process. Cars, pedestrians, buildings and weaponsync seem to work already - I'm not sure about NPCs like police. The player limit is currently at 34, but might be increased again. I wonder if eXistenZ34 and other modders will modify to the multiplayer and make different games. Can't await the beta being releasedÃâà.
  6. I so agree with you all.After following news each day, seeing many pictures and trailers I was sure that Mafia II would be the game of the year and an equal follower of my favourite game Mafia I.The demo was told to be very unfinished, which calmed my scepticism. After I had finished the mission in the distillery (being trapped by the police on the bridge) I really wondered how it would continue (-> they just cut it).Although there were first signs in gaming magazines that the game wasn\'t as good as it seemed, I was obsessed of getting to play it. But actually playing the few monotone missions, realising they had cut lots of stuff made me really feel quite sad.The gameplaytrailers partly showed the kind of non-stopping excitement and suspense that Mafia I had, the great transitions and story.I really looked out for the guy who gets an electric shock, because Vito turns on the light, while he repairs the electrics. Many more tiny details that I can\'t recall didn\'t appear. But I though the great modding community would \"repair\" the game. As we now all know this is just possible white great difficulties and only very limited. At least FreeRide is back.The DLC\'s are the worst part. I even would have paid twice as much, but for a complete and finished game. In my opinion they can\'t bring back anything that\'s missing. In addition if you buy, let\'s say a car, you wont just end up getting the tires and a door and be forced to buy the rest in \"DLC\'s\". That\'s why I took part in a few petitions, but never though they will change anything.I actually bought a steering-wheel for Mafia II, because they had announced to support them. They also mentioned that the player could fly out of the car window in a crash... and there\'s plenty more.The sad thing is that so much is there, somewhere stuck in the files, but we\'ll probably not be able to play it.
  7. Don Calzone

    Add another menu language for FR JA

    Hey,I\'m terribly sorry I spammed your pm with these uncomplete parts