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    site news Rene, Crazy Preacher

    This is really sad to hear.... As I remember him, he was a great guy, very polite and patient person and always helpful  I know I didn't comment in a very long time, and I really feel bad for this, as sometime in the last year, MafiaScene was a very important thing in my life.I saw the post on Facebook and I just couldn't resist coming here.   I remember MafiaScene as a family, and a family should be united, so I'll try my best and become active again.    Anyway, Sir,Rest in Peace and I hope you're in a better place now.
  2. A funny commercial ;D ;D [youtube:3jkjgi62] [/youtube:3jkjgi62]
  3. thewildnath

    Hi everyone

    I know i'm late ,but welcome to mafiascene !
  4. thewildnath

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to our community I'm sure you'll have a good time here because of the helpfull users.
  5. Nice one 8) I like its big screen 8) But if you compare those ""old"" symbian s60v5 with other smartphones.....well they lose and i know because i have a C5-03 Anyway i don't care so much if i can or can't play GTA3 on my phone.....but i have some big lag problem in the menu
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    general off topic Mario the mafioso

    Awesome idea Thanks for making those videos
  8. thewildnath

    Need help with LUA injector

    you should be able to dezactivate your antivirus.....then activate it again maybe in the menu..?
  9. thewildnath

    Need help with LUA injector

    I had the same problem with my antivirus. I use BitDefender and i have an option to turn it off in the "antivirus" tab of the menu.
  10. -EPIC :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. thewildnath

    Prediction: Mafia III to debut in 2012?

    this and E3 best parts of the year
  12. thewildnath

    Costas Free Ride 2.1?

    Hello LiveMChief ,welcome Costas FreeRide is nice but it's old i think..... Did you try Zahhar999's freeride?it has menu with options,car options,many locations....(just to let you know . )
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    nothing new for now

  14. thewildnath

    Mafia 2 - Jimmy's Vendetta

    I don't know why they made that "score" thing in DLCs.....they're good but messed a little the atmosphere.... If i'm wrong correct me because i play just original game