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    [LUA function]Re-open shops.

    Hello johncena1, thanks for the reply but this doesn't work. I see that eXistenZ34 find the solution, but I don't know if he still look at this forum. Maybe I will PM him on JVC. ps: Sorry for my bad English again ^^'
  2. Pursuit_ForceS

    [LUA function]Re-open shops.

    Hi. Is it possible to re-open shops after rob or kill the owner ? Is a function exist for this ? thanks for read. ps: sorry for my very bad english x)
  3. Pursuit_ForceS

    Mafia II : LUA command

    Hi eXistenZ. Can you give me the script for re-open the stores after activation of "crime scene" ? Thanks a lot
  4. Pursuit_ForceS

    Re: Mafia II - TakeOver - FR - BETA 1

    The link is down  ?