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    Empire Bay mod

    Well, i meant the only version that is available is a Russian version. So any or all improvements you have made should definitely be uploaded as an easy to install mod. Then people will know where to go when they want the best available English version. A lot of people are not good at editing mod files,so it would be good for lots of Mafia 2 fans if there is an easy to install addon . edit: Maybe you could do it with a Bat file which would auto move the joes adventure dlc folder out of the way. Maybe not Just a thought.

    Empire Bay mod

    Quote: "If anyone else wants the english version LMK I'll upload it to the downloads section" If you mean the full mod with the English adjustments that you've completed so far,then i think that would be a great idea. It would make it a darn sight easier for a lot of peeps ,i would download it too,just to have it in one file. If i haven't played the game for a while ,i sometimes forget what files go where when it comes to installing mods.

    Empire Bay mod

    Thanks m. I'll keep an eye out for any bugs and look forward to any new tweaks u make in your mod. I didn't realise there was Russian voices ,until they kicked in while playing the mod,it is a shame i suppose. If they are reused game assets ,it might be possible to just replace them with the English versions. But some of of them sounded like they were recorded by using Russian modders voices or maybe that's just what the Russian Mafia 2 sounds like

    Empire Bay mod

    untouched files of v1.3.1 update for Empire mod. 74mb approx. Maybe Monica is removed in v1.31 or possibly my files are corrupted from too many different mods. Thanks to your English GUI, i can see missions now from phone in apartment.

    Empire Bay mod

    I left a message on playground ru asking someone to post a new link. I will try to upload mine to uploaded as it's the only host that works via my 3g dongle. It might take a while ,so check back. I haven't spent much time using the Empire Mod until recently and I'm having difficultly understanding where the missions are,i think there is races u can take part in. Google translator only tells you so much on the Russian forums + i'm a bit of an old jaded gamer edit: This is where i found the update: sidenote: someone mentioned something about adding a bodyguard in comments section: A guy called Jack snow seems to be very active releasing new mods: Mafia 2 "Free Ride v4.0 by Jack Snow and He does a lot of lua scripting ,something i know nothing about to be honest: Anyway ,give a bit of time and i'll try and upload that v1.3.1 73mb file (throttled 3g connection is slow) P.S..The tools pack+update i mentioned are English ,even though the guy posted them on playground . ru.

    Empire Bay mod

    Fantastic ,Thanks for the link. I look forward to playing the mod in English Sidenote: There's some tools over at playgroundDOTru: mafia_2_self_tools 37mb approx + an update Tools_Pack-update 7mb Though you probably are well aware of the various modding tools. Thought i'd mention it just in case. Sometimes at playgroundDOTru ,a file will be posted and then you can find updates in the comments underneath or the update will posted be in a completely new topic/thread. It can be difficult trying to understand via Google translator. ====================================== Translated from Russian: Added cut from the original girl Vito - Monica. She lives in a villa in Hillwood. Beware, there is Nude)) ----------------------------- I went to Vito's home in Hillwood and i can't see Monica ,where is she ? =============================================== This is what i did to get the mod working before: I got the empire mod v1.3.1 working with english version. I made duplicate of two 'ru' folders. 1: dlc_data\russian copy to: dlc_data\english 2: cnt_empire_bay\sds_ru copy to: cnt_empire_bay\sds_en --------------- P.S..Don't forget! You have to remove 'cnt_joes_adventures' folder from dlc folder. NOT SURE IF IT WAS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT,but it seemed to work for me. =============================================== Race location in Empire bay mod: I had this in my Empire mod folder, I think it's for the Empire mod.

    Empire Bay mod

    -------------------------------------------------------- The problem with some of these mods is "no English" But some of the Russian modders are very good. Mafia 2 is one of my favorite games ,i think the game engine is excellent and it runs very well on an old computer. Anyway if u have an working English version of the Empirebay Mod, i would be very happy to see it,thanks.

    Empire Bay mod

    I downloaded a mod i saw on playgroundDOTru. I have 2 archives : mod = cnt_empire_bay.rar (680mb approx.) update patch = cnt_empire_bay_1.3.1.rar (73mb approx.) It seems to be for Russian game version only. Has anyone here heard of this mod and if it would be possible to have it working for English version? I tryed installing it ,and it does show up in the menu ,but it won't start. U have to remove joes adventure dlc before hand.

    Je suis Charlie

    I agree we have problems in U.K too.
  10. Final follow up. -------------------------  edit: after putting dlc " cnt_high speed_cars" back in game folder ,i deleted its smith_coupe_wreck_z.sds and replaced it with a different car renamed to smith_coupe_wreck_z.sds and the problem car is gone. I'm still not sure if that dlc mod was causing the problem. Or whether it just covered a problem in the main car folder. Anyway it;s gone now and i have a walter_coupe instead of smith coupe.  :  P,S,i feel i should just say the spoils of war dlc mod is probably ok I might have been mistaken in saying it's a bad mod ^ My apologies to the mod author.
  11. FOLLOW-UP TO 'STRANGE CAR TOPIC' Trying to 'repair' the car in garage  doesn't work. It is down to one of the mods i installed ,though i was hoping someone could save me from having to go through all the mods ,to check.   I might just have to check through the mods i installed. It's just the saves won't work ,if u remove any dlc folders.  i just looked in dlc folder and i have cnt_high speed_cars and one of the files is called smith_coupe_wreck.sds +smith_coupe_wreck_z.sds I'm will try and remove it and see if it helps.  i removed cnt_high speed_cars and the broken car is still there ,luckily i didn't have to play to much, as it appears in one of the first missions to steal a coupe from the black gang. I think the one causing the trouble is cnt_spoils_of_war ,it puts the military vehicles in game and one of the vehicles it uses is smith_coupe_wreck.sds +smith_coupe_wreck_z.sds. So i think it is a badly made mod ,which is trying to shoehorn the war vehicles into the game.(nice idea,but imperfect) I was hoping i could check the garage quickly by using the" friends for life" mod ,but no dice. I can't face going  through starting another new game to check right now,though I'm pretty sure I've found the problem.  Thanks .
  12. Hi, I've just started playing mafia 2 for the first time in ages. I have noticed this car in my garage ,which looks badly damaged. It is the smith coupe. When you take it out to drive ,it has the front hood missing and the right door is missing. The left door is hanging open. The driver (me) is buried in the ground ,when driving. He is on the right hand side with his head and shoulders above the ground in the driving position with his hands out. But he appears to be down near the wheel or running board. I did install a few mods a while ago,but can't remember too well . Is this a problem that has been seen before? I know it's one the many mods i installed,but i was hoping someone has seen this before, and i can just remove the offending mod.

    Super Mod by Zahar999

    Does super mod have everything needed to run it. do i need supermod skin jimmy ? or a Trainer? ========================== google ' Super Mod by Zahar999 ' if link here is dead. i got it from playgroundDOTru.

    DLC "Friends For Life"(winter and animation)

    I downloaded this friends for life mod a few months ago. i like to keep all mafia 2 mods stored on dvd.  Is it new missions? is it safe to just keep the english files and delete the other foreign files in the archive?

    see moore of Zahar 999 work

    i saw your super mod on there is super mod 1(215mb) +super mod v2  (49mb)+super modv3 (58mb) and there is a yandex link too,for super mod full version.  Which one should i download to get the newest  or best version? do i need all three or just the yandex link.