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  1. 15.9, I deleted some unneeded stuff though.
  2. Mohamed

    Any Interest in this?

    Yeah, sure I am interested, I always wanted a place to add the best cars at, there was a save game for that but it was laggy as hell.
  3. Done, all deleted, let's hope it won't be back.. but get this.. Local Disc C was 16.something GB and now it's 15.9 GB..
  4. Well, It is already in that list.. EDIT: Okay somehow, SOMEHOW, when I done the Fullscan, it stopped being detected, I think it's deleted, but then the file I DL'd was back and deleted again.. but I deleted all of those on the list, later, checked it, and no more 'Script.exe's' appeared, Also while I was searching, it said that it can be back as it's in the System restore thing. So, how can I delete it from the system restore?
  5. I don't know.. it's somewhere in the windows/program files, It just keeps comming back, no matter what, I don't even think If I am able to access the McAfee virus list anymore, it's spammed. Or do you mean WHERE I got the file? EDIT: Here ... 6207767661 I was just checking it out, You can download it, But don't open it.
  6. Sends me a file with... "454154zsrrtjhrjyddkd"
  7. Well, uhh.. might not be possible..
  8. Okay well, while I was just going by the web.. SOMEHOW a server.exe virus came, McAfee as usual did the trick and deleted it, but now it keeps coming back, how can I remove it? All what it does it, slow down my PC, and spam McAfee.
  9. Doesn't download I get this message: "This webpage is not found No webpage was found for the web address: ... c5d6f044e6" "Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found."
  10. Chrome - All Cleared, Mafiascene is slow as hell now but doesn't matter, for the security, McAfee. (Yeah, just like Guy McAfee)
  11. Okay so well.. I dl'd that tool, I started it as an admin, when I loaded my file, it just froze at 100%, it also asked for a dll but I dl'd that dll and placed it in the directory I also tried running it as Windows XP SP 2, 3. Any help?
  12. And how do I do that exactly?
  13. Well, 403 forbidden, I don't have a permission to dl this file -__________________________-
  14. As I said, Gamefront sends a blank page to my browser. IE9 - a file with 454858486468488648648 Chrome - Error Mozilla - Error
  15. Mohamed

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    Where is it ? Printery, go inside, look around for a bit, you should see them.