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    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0

    eXistenZ, how do you do those E-key options?
  2. M24769

    Mafia II : LUA command

    Hi eXistenZ, I want to ask you. Can you write script for injector to spawn people.
  3. M24769

    Mafia Lua Injector v6

    But this is v7 and I hear that eXistenZ said v6 is better than v7.
  4. M24769

    Mafia Lua Injector v6

    No, it isn't. Like I said I deleted it and I asked can somebody upload it here. :ohmy:
  5. M24769

    Mafia Lua Injector v6

    I just want to ask. I didn't want to delete my injector, but I deleted and I don't know where to get it. Can somebody upload to mafiascene download section it? I remember that one I downloaded was in there before new look.
  6. M24769

    Mafia 2 player's model help

    Thank you.
  7. Hello all, there are many files in Mafia 2 folder which ones can replace Vito's model to another character with injector. But there are many other files from game and they don't work with the injector, because in those files are another type files like animations and I don't know how to cut the files from there and create model. Can anybody help me with this?