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    MAFIA II - melee weapons

    Look what I found on Youtube it's an exclusive preview of the combat Mafia 2 directly from the developers at 2K I think that in fact the entire combat system was functional but the developers have changed the combat system so that it was not possible to get the full version of the game There is
  2. In my opinion, we wait for some information about the Mafia 3 for a long time because we know 2K and hold long 2KCzech information about their upcoming projects under wraps. But I would be very happy if they released some information already released this year
  3. KiNd

    Re: How to make mods? Help

    D?kuju za pomoc ale tenhle odkaz je nefunk?nÃÆí
  4. KiNd

    Re: How to make mods? Help

    Thank you all but I though I SDSTool "and" Gibbed.Illusion.ExploreSDS "Who May Have The Same Thing, for unpack & repack sds file. But I do not understand how I work with him I need to explain how to work with him
  5. KiNd

    Re: How to make mods? Help

    Hello everyone, I started trying to do mods but I need some advice how to do it and what programs do I use while using SDS explorer but I do not know what other programs would have to modify Mafia II . I am grateful for the use of any advice
  6. KiNd

    I,m new there

    Hi Cole Phelps I also like to meet you
  7. KiNd

    I,m new there

    Hello everyone how are you? I am new here, but I will try to work on any mode, which restored the Mafia 2 to state on which it was presented to the GDS the 2009th I will be grateful for any advice and feedback