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    Made Man mod

    Thx for the comments guys,we are here with a new screenshot,right now we are testing and trying to add some new things so we will post it here if some good changes really happen [center:c72cqpax][/center:c72cqpax] thanks man,btw we have to meet up on chat sometime,ive got a few things on mind
  2. Samo

    Made Man mod

    Hey folks,we were kinda wondering if its still worth posting this here since Mafia 1 seems to be dead here,but i think (hope) that there are still people here interested in M1 mods and they should know about it. So let us introduce our "Made Man" mod that me and vapno were working on for quite some time now. Samo149-Idea,Coding and scripting,additional edits Vapno92-3D modelling,texturing,additional edits and scripts The mod takes place in 20ôs in Lost heaven, when Don Peponnes mafia is controlling the city.You will meet some old-know characters such as Salieri,Morello and others..The player will take control of Jimmy,who already has a name in the family.The mod ofcourse contains its own story which makes 5-6 detailed missions in total and its own free-ride mod with lots of things to do after you finish the main missions.The mod has its own mission design,which differs from M1 in some ways. Here are some screens,we will post more stuff here in time. [center:2jz1rykm][/center:2jz1rykm] [center:2jz1rykm][/center:2jz1rykm] [center:2jz1rykm][/center:2jz1rykm][center:2jz1rykm][/center:2jz1rykm] As i said,we have been working on this for some time now with breaks,so a big part of the mod is already done.We are posting this here quite late cuz the mod was being changed a lot during the development.The progress is good,it should be released soon,so stay tuned for updates . So please let us know what you think,and i really hope that M1 hasnt died out yet!
  3. HB,Wish you the best with your fight with cancer
  4. it looks pretty interesting to me i will definitely try it out
  5. Samo

    The Mafioso Mod

    too bad dude..but i understand it very well..perhaps the same fate will meet my mod btw did you recover a copy of your old mods?sadly,i have never really had a chance to play any of them
  6. Samo

    Mafia 1 - interesting findings

    So what? I have pissed on luigis bar,whos the boss now bitchez? just a simple script and you can piss on everything dim_flt 1 dim_act 1 dim_frm 1 findactor 0, "Tommy" findframe 0, "Tommy.base" LABEL 1 emitparticle 0,26 wait 12000 GOTO 1
  7. My words exactly. Im more for punk/rock stuff but sometimes i listen to other things if its good.Dubstep is not really bad there are some good songs but problem is that plenty of people do it so there are also the shitty ones. Plus dubstep fits quite well for some things where the "normal" stuff doesnt. For example im making a side-scrolling game and i could hardly put there some punk stuff could i? this song is really good for that [youtube:3e8csy8p] [/youtube:3e8csy8p] so sorry this whole topic is bullshit
  8. [youtube:3ehyowgy] [/youtube:3ehyowgy]
  9. Samo

    Location of cemetery

  10. Aww its a sad day for me too than Like mike said,this site wont be the same without you.My both grandparents died of cancer too like 2 years back.But steve jobs had something like this too and he lived like 7 more years. so wish you the best...
  11. Yeh thats it.I dont know countryside very much though but that place is awesome at night.Running alone with a shotgun through the forest at night.Reminded me of Alan Wake :