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  1. Asa

    The Mafioso Mod

    Thanks everyone, currently I'm finishing off scripting the location shown in the last screenshot, while also working on modelling a new building in 3DS Max. My chief modeler, Mike Bruski, is busy at the moment so I'm having to model things myself which is taking a long time as I am nowhere near as good as he is! So, if anyone is willing to help me out for the next week or two that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Asa

    Boz Mod

    Looking very nice, hope to see some missions, too.
  3. Asa

    Made Man mod

    Can't wait for this!
  4. Asa

    Made Man mod

    I like this, I like this a lot. Let's bring Mafia 1 modding back.
  5. Asa

    The Mafioso Mod

    You lot are very persuasive. Well, as long as Darren and others are still here it looks like I'm here to stay. Here's a little something from beta testing the Mafioso Mod to say hello again.. ^ Clicky clicky
  6. Asa

    The Mafioso Mod is dead, Mafia 1 is dying and all my modding idols are long gone. It appears I am the last to say goodbye. Have a great 2013, fellas. Salut.
  7. Asa

    The Mafioso Mod

    Sadly, I have given up. This project and all others have been abandoned. See my 'Modders Corner' webpage for more details.
  8. No worries John, I'll try somewhere else. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone could send me a copy of their "carindex.def" from the tables folder? Mine is corrupted and I cannot extract a new one at the moment. Thanks a lot!
  10. Asa

    general off topic Tomorow

    Your first step on the road to recovery, bonne chance CP!
  11. Asa

    Location of cemetery

    It is, that theory came from me At the start of Mission 11 at Salieri's Bar, if you fly out past Vincenzo's workshop and diagonally away from the road you'll come to it. There are no collisions but this is clearly where the cutscene takes place. Enjoy!
  12. Asa

    The Titanic Mod