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  1. Kirov-MG

    Re: Junkyard - 3D models warehouse

    Skoda 105: ÃÂ koda 105
  2. Kirov-MG

    Re: Junkyard - 3D models warehouse

    ßðÃâ¬Ã° üþôõûõù ø÷ Velvet Assassin: DOWNLOAD
  3. Kirov-MG

    Re: Junkyard - 3D models warehouse

    ÞñÊõúÃâÃ⹠ø÷ Battle for the Pacific: DOWNLOAD
  4. Kirov-MG

    Kirov Arsenal

    I want to upload my Guns to the MafiaScene file archive. How can I make it? I must add a description with screenshots to the mod-archive before upload it? Can anybody give me an instruction about uploading files on server?
  5. [youtube:8yf0f5if][/youtube:8yf0f5if] Edited your link a bit, because the video was invisible - Cole
  6. Kirov-MG

    Mafia 60's mod

    Sorry, but I can't diwnload it (croco need a premium account). Can you load 60s mod to Mediafire or Dropbox? Maybe maybe to this server^
  7. Kirov-MG

    Mafia 60's mod

    404 Not found. File has been deleted from server.
  8. Kirov-MG

    Mafia 60's mod

    Can anybody say, where can I download Mafia 60's Mod? I find many links but there all is "dead". I need only 60's mod, not 70's or 80's mod!
  9. [youtube:sbm5ull8] [/youtube:sbm5ull8]
  10. Kirov-MG

    Made Man mod

    I can help with 3d models for this mod. I can rip models fron Made man, Mafia II, Fallout 3 etc.
  11. Kirov-MG

    Fuel consumption in Mafia 1.

    Well, a long-long time age in the year 2003, when I was a school-boy and play Mafia 20\7, I kill GAS tank on Falconer after 2 hours of real time in Freeride Italy. If you want a car which kill GAS-tank after 10 minutes< use this: ... tcount=116
  12. Kirov-MG

    general off topic Yes i update today

    Happy Birthday! Health for all your bodyparts and moneys for all your bags!
  13. Black Sabbath with DIO - The Mob Rules [youtube:s4xet441] [/youtube:s4xet441]
  14. Kirov-MG

    Destroyed City Mod

    EgoR[sLM] work on mod like this, but he freeze it.