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    New Mod: Violetti Mod

  2. LassiterSeries69

    Prediction: Mafia III to debut in 2012?

    Get over it, fellas - there ain't gonna be no Mafia III. Mafia II didn't do nearly as good as they had hoped for, it got pretty lousy reviews and is now almost completely dead. It would be a major financial miscalculation to start working on Mafia III when the base clientel is so disheartened by Mafia II. 2K just ain't that stupid.
  3. LassiterSeries69

    Can Anyone Convert a Model from Mafia II For Me?

    Darn, how about the textures? Are they of the same kind as the ones in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven? Regardless, could you please send me the textures at least?
  4. Since I've only got Mafia II for PS3, I'm incapable of converting models from Mafia II to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven myself. If anyone could please help me with converting one of the black female NPC models, I'd be very grateful - for I need such a model for the Violetti Mod and the only black female model in all of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is the Prosecutor's maid.
  5. LassiterSeries69

    How to work with sectors?

    Yup. I usually build my things in TUTORIAL. Just delete all the scripts and get a-buildin'. Ain't never had no problems with it neither.
  6. LassiterSeries69

    New Mod: Violetti Mod

    That didn't make a whole lot of sense to me; but what difference does it make if the walls are paper thin? It's not like you can see that in-game anyway.
  7. LassiterSeries69

    Fletcher class destroyer

    I'd like that very much, thank you.
  8. LassiterSeries69

    Fletcher class destroyer

    Great model! Would you mind if I incorporated it into my Violetti Mod's fleet mission?
  9. LassiterSeries69

    How to work with sectors?

    You have to use 'sector SCTRpodl' for objects in that mission. However, I'd recommend not using that mission at all - it's very buggy and gives you a hard time just getting things to show up. Here's what I know about sectors: If you have an object called 'ObjectX', you can set the sector of other items to being 'ObjectX'. This way, when you click 'ObjectX' - you'll move any and all objects with its sector set to 'ObjectX' with the same drag of the mouse as for moving 'ObjectX'. Basically, 'ObjectX' is now the parent object of the objects you tied to it. However, if you click the individual objects that are sectored to 'ObjectX' - the others will not move with it. Only if you click the parent object, all daughter objects will move with it. Never EVER put the name of an object as its parent. So don't put ObjectX's sector to 'ObjectX'. I did that once, and it corrupted my mission file (wihout me even saving), crashed Editor and I had to do the whole mission all over again.
  10. LassiterSeries69

    New Mod: Violetti Mod

    I just used the same textures as he did for a couple of walls.
  11. LassiterSeries69

    New Mod: Violetti Mod

    I've got another update. I've made a house for the main character. Once again, I recommend clicking the pictures as they are displayed very oddly on this forum.
  12. LassiterSeries69

    Tutorial: How to Implement a Sitting Script

    Then he'll start smoking as soon as he's not using any controls.
  13. LassiterSeries69

    The Commission Mod

    Well, he couldn't very well disrupt his very profitable business connections with Don Grannoli over the life of one man, could he?
  14. LassiterSeries69

    Tutorial: How to Implement a Sitting Script

    Yeah, I know - but then you need to decide how long you want him to stand a-smokin'.
  15. LassiterSeries69

    Tutorial: How to Implement a Sitting Script

    Well, if you want to use a smoking script outside of a cutscene - you'll have to hold perfectly still as to not cause Tommy to return to the normal playing state, which is why I don't really recommend doing that. If you want a smoking script to use in say Freeride, I'd recommend having one that plays for a certain amount of time. This can easily be done, but you'll need to decide as to whether you want it to play for a certain amount of time outside of a cutscene or if you want it for a game sequence during a dialogue or something like that.