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    site news Rene, Crazy Preacher

    Really sad to hear.  Hi CrazyPreacher, I know it may sound childish, but i want to think you can still watch over us, so here i am to wish you good luck for your new... "assignment" , i'm sure you can do well. ;-)  I haven't had the luck to know you in person, but let me say You will be missed here...  best wishes for all from spaghettino here on earth. :-)  If the admins and the moderators will agree, i suggest to leave crazy's account active and opened. Obviously there will not be any new posts, but i encourage to do so as a sign of friendship and comradism from us all.  sincerely, spaghettino.
  2. a little misunderstang from me, I was not aware of another untouchables :ohmy: :dry: However i recommend the original one. Also i have a quick clip to better explain what i was meaning, check it out View My Video Focus the music, the mood and overall ambience... see my point? How do you think it compares with mafia's freeride?
  3. It appears to be very cool. B) I have no previous background on splinter cell series, so i'm just plain new, and without judging ability, but it may be my next purchase, if money allows :whistle:
  4. +1 for the untouchables. :woohoo: The scene of the city traffic when the two capone's go to the bar before the bomb, has a particular atmosphere that reminds me the first freeride in mafia 1: it also has almost the same music background, too. I believe this movie has had an influential effect on the concept of the first mafia game .
  5. Joe doing donuts with the milk truck B) View My Video so let's say milk and donuts... and a silly way to park :lol:
  6. spaghettino

    entertainment off topic Re: JOKES TOPIC

    While browsing the web, i found a picture of two dogs, and wondered about how it will fit two well known characters B) After a little while, i ended up with this :cheer:
  7. spaghettino

    Mafia 3

    Encouraging, but to me, it appears as they just can't hold the massive requests and questions, to the point they cannot ignore all the whole time. so they should say something shady, just to keep the role... look, it's not a "no" but it's without a clear "yes", too. :side: Well, I do not want to give a negative idea, and i'm happy if they really move on this, but the hard reality is we do not have a clue for now, just hope and some (maybe speculative) rumors, without any trace of evidence. +1 to taylor for his post, i wasn't aware of this, and enjoyed about it B)
  8. spaghettino

    Unencrypting Cossack

    Hi cogkicker! B) I'm not sure if i understood correctly, if the car you mean is the one included in "made man" dlc, the file you say is indeed making sdstool crashing, because it is compressed. :dry: Mafia 2's .sds files can be compressed, encrypted and even both things together. To deal with compressed and/or encrypted .sds files you need a series of tools called "gibbed illusion tools". Copy the file trautemberg_grande.sds and trautemberg_grande_z.sds from the dlc/cars/ folder, (the one with final z is for winter and has snow) to the gibbed tools folder, then just drag'n'drop those on the decompress sds tool file. It will save a renamed trautemberg_grande_decompressed.sds wich no longer cause the sdsgui to crash. :woohoo: and is suitable to work on, such as retexturing etc... When you are done, the sdsgui repacks it leaving the uncompressed form, and you will notice a difference in file's size, but don't worry, for the game will be just fine. Remember, to use it in-game, you should rename it accordingly as the game's original one. :dry: I think this will put you back in business, :woohoo: and as usual, i recommend to make sure you keep a copy of your original, untouched file. (ALWAYS make a copy!)
  9. spaghettino

    games off topic GTA V For Pc ?

    Yeah, exactly this B)
  10. spaghettino

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    Interesting the shooting range idea. :woohoo: keeping to discover cut content nags me, :angry: i continuously think what mafia 2 could have been if made properly with all the things they planned and then wasted away...
  11. spaghettino

    Free automatic repairs

    Hi! As far as i have understood, the situation described is not a cheat, but the normal game behavior, indeed small troubles reset themselves as you park in the garage. So the car appeared in video is not totally damaged, just some little minor hits, not the real deal. :side: If you do a serious wreck, car won't run anymore and the game will display "press e to fix the engine" and it will not reset, and it should be fixed just to make it start again (NOT repaired fully) and taken to a near garage to be fully repaired (original untouched condition). :woohoo: To have a real "cheat" solution that gives you full repair at will, you need to use the injector with appropriate lua commands; :evil: B) Unfortunately i cannot give you more precise advice, my efforts with injectors are just useless, it never managed to make it run smoothly (it is prone to crash the game, and sometimes the computer). However, you are in the right place, just wait for a more expert advice than mine. If you just want to try , the injector is available in downloads section, and there's plenty about lua too, just lurk the forum and... good luck
  12. B) Hi crazypreacher! As far as i have understood ( i'm not american ) the Pontiac you said is the potomac elysium in Mafia 2, wich is available in one of the dlc and indeed a cool futuristic car :cheer: B) For myself, i want to choose the ascot bailey, i really like the sharpness of its driving. (I use simulation mode)
  13. spaghettino

    entertainment off topic Re: JOKES TOPIC

    morning people! A boss and two employees are sent away for a on-site work. At lunch time, they have a break, buy food and go to eat it in a beautyful public park. Between the grass, one of them notices a old brass lamp, like the one described in kids stories. He grabs it shouting "look at it, it's like the aladino's fable one!" So they all start arguing if there is a Genius in it or not, and after a little while, decided to rub it. A big, old, tired Genius with a long white beard appears, and with a calm, slow-paced voice he started to explain to them to be over 1000 years old, and this one will be the last time he can appear, and he can only fullfill 3 wishes, and because they are 3 people, they can ask only one wish for each. Incredulous, the first employee says he liked to be on a tropical beach with a cool drink. The Genius snaps his fingers, and the employee suddenly disappears in a colorful cloud with a "poof" sound. The second employee, astounded and wondered, asks excitedly : "me too! ...and with a beautyful blonde woman, and I also want to be rich!" Again, the Genius snaps his fingers, and the second employee suddenly disappears in a colorful cloud with a "poof" sound, and then, looking the boss in his eyes, the Genius asks him what he desired the most, before he can finally disappear forever. The boss thinks a little, then replies to the Genius : "For the end of the lunch break, those two morons should be back on the job."
  14. spaghettino

    general off topic News on my healt

    Hi, crazypreacher! Hold strong man, You are with us and WE ALL are with YOU! Keep going and troubles won't win. Best wishes and good luck from Italy.
  15. spaghettino

    Mafia III????

    B) I'm used to say hope is the last to die, so i still wish of M3. Unfortunately, reality appears to be different.. :dry: We already reached july, well past the half of the year, and all we can see is absolute silence. I don't think possible to have a game in the works without any little info about it published :unsure: So the hard fact is we unlikely see a M3 in 2013. p.s. i hope to be proven wrong.... B)