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    Mafia II : LUA command

    Hi eXistenZ, I need some help. I want the police have Colt 1911. Don't you know, how to do it?
  2. mafian565

    W.I.P. - Delizia 410 Grand American - Completed

    Hi, I love this car. Good work! It is so beautiful, but why is it so small?
  3. mafian565

    Mafia II : LUA command

    Thank you, It is very useful.
  4. mafian565

    Mafia II : LUA command

    Hello eXistenZ. I want to change Joe's cloth with Injector. Can you write me LUA script please?
  5. mafian565


    I figured it out. Everything is now working, I remembered I downloaded from M2 multiplayer and it was working so I did it now and it is OK.
  6. mafian565


    Hello, year ago I downloaded Injector v7 for Mafia 2. Everything was Ok, I understand of the LUA codes, I did some new scripts (smoking...) than I bought original game, I had some problems but I don't know why but week later It was working... Now I had to re-install my game, I put injector into the folder with the game but it doesn't work. I want to try some new scripts but I can't now. Don't you know how to do it is work? Sry for english I am not from English-speaking country..
  7. mafian565

    Animation for human entity

    How can I drink Swift cola at bar? I usually use sc_chair_drink_bottle but there is no skin... Do you know how to do this? Thank you eXistenZ
  8. mafian565

    how install injector v 6

    And where can I download this (injenctor v6)? Thank you...