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    Hideout and Salieri's Bar Mod (Released)

    thanx a lot I'm going to try this.
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    thanx guys, greetings!
  3. I first played the spanish version (as I'm spanish) which is pretty well dubbed. IMO-. Anyway, I prefer the english version. THis is the only game I actually own which is original!
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    Hello, I eant to introduce myself, I have been a member from this forum maybe a lot of time, but never decided to participate. Why now? Something must be donde with Mafia 1! We cannot leave it like this! I'm actually playing it again, last time was maybe 5 years a go. And god how am I enjoying it! I have installed some mods that add texture, hd, modifications, twicked the music a bit, wow! Best game ever. I wish a good remake was done. I hope people still work at enhacing graphycally the game because it is bloody worth it! Anyway, cheers to all, congrats for the site, and hope we are kept alive a little longer, jeje. saludos!