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  1. vitoandolini

    Vito hawaii jacket

  2. vitoandolini

    Vito hawaii jacket

    Thanks anyway to all of you, I think maybe it's not findable anymore. Don't know if someone is interested, but I just did this skin (my first one) based on a character of an old movie.[/img][/img]
  3. vitoandolini

    Vito hawaii jacket

    Hi. Someone knows where I can find this skin :[/img] This screen is from vice_city_v.02, but sadly, it only include a new face for Vito, and a new skin for 1911 handgun. So, if someone knows where I can find the Joe's jacket for Vito, I'll be very grateful because it's really hard to find...
  4. vitoandolini

    Re: Replace radio music with our own

    I just tried in my old laptop (win7 x86) and it works perfect. But in my new pc, there is no way... I already tried Pro music FMOD, but I don't know how to use it because every time I convert a mp3 to fsb, the game don't read the new sound and there is a quiet silence (for example when I tried my own main menu theme). Don't know what to do...
  5. Hi everyone. I tried both versions of "Mafia II Music Manager v1.3" (x86 and x64) but sadly, it don't work in my windows 7 x64 (after install, when I open it, it crashes immediately). Someone knows if there is another way to convert an mp3 file to a fsb ? Thanks.
  6. vitoandolini

    Car First Person View (with lua scripts)

    Ok, thanks anyway
  7. vitoandolini

    Car First Person View (with lua scripts)

    Thanks a lot it works perfect ! (merci beaucoup !) :cheer: Just one little thing. The mouse view is reversed (only the up and down), how I change that without changing the main option every time ? (because I'm playing in normal mode not reverse)
  8. Hi, someone knows if it is possible to change the car view with lua commands ? I wanted to play the main story of Mafia 2 with a FPV in car, like the excellent one in JA Freeride mode by Existenz, but it works only on Freeride. Thanks for your help.
  9. vitoandolini

    pee script code

    Thanks a lot it works now ! :cheer:
  10. vitoandolini

    pee script code

    So, nobody knows ? Please help !
  11. vitoandolini

    I would like a Mod

    DÃÆésolÃÆé d'utiliser ce topic, mais comment fait-on pour dÃÆéclencher l'animation oÃÆù Vito pisse avec l'injecteur ? (j'avais collÃÆé ta ligne de code eXistenZ34 sur le fichier F10.lua, mais ÃÆça marche pas et le jeu freeze...)
  12. vitoandolini

    pee script code

    That's exactly what I do, but nothing happens and if I press many times the key, the game finally crashes. Is that code correct ?
  13. vitoandolini

    pee script code

    How did you do to execute this script please ? I am new with these lua scripts, but what I have to paste, for example in F10.lua, to make Vito pee ?
  14. vitoandolini

    Realism mod concepts

    That's a great mod idea, I love that way of realistic intense gameplay ! I thought about the big guns carry problem mentioned before, and maybe the solution, if it's doable, it's to add the feature to stock them into the car trunk. This way we can be stealthy without wearing winter coats. And sorry to ask this, but, for players who loves this mod but want it to play without health regeneration (yes it's madness), after the weapon is dropped in critical mode, can you let enable the use of weapons ? (maybe you can release a version with health regeneration, and another without) I know I'm asking much, but that would be great !
  15. vitoandolini

    same suit as this wallpaper ?

    Sad to hear that, I understand that without sdk there are no many hopes to modify 3D models. Ok thanks, I gonna check the commands right now. EDIT: Damn you're right, there's nothing for glasses...