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    Full story of Joe Unlock

    Good work! I really like what I see, but i have one question. Will eating be added or is it already in the to-do list? I mean realistic eating like NPCs do in bars/diners, this is the thing I would be happy to see. Please tell me if it is possible and if possible, are you going to add this feature. Good luck with modding! hahalala
  2. hahalala

    Mafia II : LUA command

    Hello, i dont have mafia 2 installed right now but i want to ask, is there a greaser skin in this modification? If there isnt could you add them(there are multiple) and other skins too. I really like greaser style and good old rock n roll Sincerely hahalala EDIT: I am sorry, i didnt read the post. If you are willing to make full skin change mod, could you still had my requested skins.
  3. hahalala

    Another mafia 2 request.

    Thank you for your response. I really do hope that your mod will see light. I have answer to my question now and you (administrators) may close this topic. Good luck with your work existenz!
  4. hahalala

    MAFIA 2 guns

    I did not know that it is contained with trojan, thank you for warning me. I just thought it may be useful for modders
  5. hahalala

    MAFIA 2 guns

    Hello again, by now i am thinking that i am starting to annoy people in this forum . Recently, i went to Mafia 2 megathread on site called facepunch, i randomly clicked some posts and found something intresting: [spoiler:18bgdbqy]1 = fists 2 = .38 3 = mauser 4 = colt .45 5 = semi-automatic colt .45 6 = magnum revolver 7 = grenade 8 = shotgun 9 = grease gun 10 = mp40 11 = tommy gun w/ drum mag 12 = tommy gun 13 = ppsh-41 14 = mg42 or whatever, that big machine gun 15 = m1 garand 16 = potato masher grenade 17 = kar 98 rifle 18 = weird testing weapon[/spoiler:18bgdbqy] Not only these codes are intresting but, i tried them and on code 14(mg42) i found that we can use mg 42 on streets. It looks funny and all because there is no gun, but least we can shoot , i had some fun with it. And you can also use the "potato masher" but Vito just throws it to the ground. One last thing, you can use code 18 (weird test weapon) which i think is m14, it also is very accurate but again the skin is missing. Only weapon i couldnt get to work is ppsh-41. Hope this helpôs Best regards hahalala!
  6. hahalala

    MAFIA 2 car painting problem

    Yes, i have this problem in every car on which i should be able to choose 2 colors.
  7. hahalala

    LUA script (Entity)

    Sorry, i canôt help you. I even tried scripting myself but run into trouble sometimes, but i would like to use this lua script if you get it working
  8. hahalala

    Free Ride for DLC Joe's Adventures v3.0

    I read in the forum that the freeride script cant be bigger than some size, after it is bigger, the game crashes.I hope my information is true, if not please correct me.
  9. hahalala

    MAFIA 2 car painting problem

    Yes, i aint no fool . I went to the bodyshop where you can tune, color etc. I can paint only one color on every car, even if there are 2 colorôs.
  10. hahalala

    MAFIA 2 car painting problem

    Hello, i know i have made quite a few topicôs in past few days, i am hoping that this topic is in right section. PROBLEM: After playing mafia 2 for a while i noticed that i could not select second car paint on cars. I could do that earlier. I have installed few mods, i think these maybe be the answer for it. I have made backups, but i dont want to backup all because installing all the mods again would be a pain in the a**. If anyone could point me at a certain file, i would be most pleased. Hahalala
  11. hahalala

    Another mafia 2 request.

    Hello, I would like a LUA script for eating animation, i mean like pedestrians eat in pubs. I am not familiar with LUA so if anybody could give me a tutorial how to do it myself or give me the script itelf i would deeply appreciate it. Best regards hahalala
  12. hahalala

    MAFIA 2 mod req.(fuel)

    Hello, is there any way possible to make fuel more realistic. I mean that you will really stop when you ran out of gas. As the car only becomes slower right now. Please respond as i still have fate in mafia 2 modding
  13. Its WW2 and poland ask for reinforcements from Lithuania. Poland: send tanks! Lithuania: should we send one or both? :D it was in my history book.
  14. I have steam version and i use no-cd crack.
  15. hahalala

    Mafia 2 - interesting stuff

    I found that in chapter 2 or 3 when you go steal that cream-coloured baby for mike you can get shotgun from Lone Star, its in shelf(i dont know if its right word, i mean like a bookshelf)by back entrance. Hope it helps