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  1. Mafia 1-Silver Fletcher Mafia 2-Lassiter series 75 hollywood
  2. I haven't found them by myself,wondering if anyone knows? I mean the models.
  3. Dawgsaysftw

    Made Man mod

    Looks Great! Looking forward to it.
  4. Dawgsaysftw

    Kirov Arsenal

    Nice mod! Im currently using vintage guns,Sawed off and colt 1860 I dont like ruining the game's feel and adding modern stuff
  5. Dawgsaysftw

    Mafia free access mod

    Great mod! Really looking forward to this
  6. Dawgsaysftw

    New info Free Ride for Mafia II v4.0 (abandoned )

    Looks great! hope that its finished soon
  7. Dawgsaysftw

    Re: What Do You Rate Mafia 1, Out Of 10?

    9.5/10 It is not the perfect game,but still,it is very good
  8. Dawgsaysftw

    Where can you get a sword?

    Im pretty sure you can get a Steel bar in Bon appetit when you are killing carlo. I think one of the thugs had it.
  9. Dawgsaysftw

    Re: You favourite mafia moment

    Probably The moment when Tommy kills Carlo and says You know what boss?This was the first time i knocked someone off in their underpants. Second is when Tommy kills Sam
  10. Dawgsaysftw

    just for the fun of it

    Mafia 2:about 100 hours or so. Mafia 1:Been playing it since like 2006,so probably about 1000+ hours
  11. Totally agree,The community isnt like what it used to be.... (only people i know from mafiascene.com are cole phelps and mr.robville,maybe more,havent seen em yet) I remember back in like 2007 or so,i always used to download mods from here,oh the good old times
  12. So,i know that with an inventory editor,you can get a sword,wooden plank and so on. I think you can get the wooden plank from the sarah mission,but where Can you get the sword?
  13. So hi everbody! Im Dawgsaysftw,but you can call me dawg ,Im not new to mafiascene,but I have came back since a long time Last time i was on was i think october 2010 at mafiascene.com I created an account here originally i think in 2006 or 2007?.Well,I just installed mafia:the city of lost heaven again and im Happy to join this community again (also,rofl at the titanic mod,i think the original thread was created in like 06 so i hope its finished soon lol) So hello everybody!