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  1. Director

    Full story of Joe Unlock

    eXistenZ34 please can you make this mod also for winter season?
  2. Director

    The Betrayal of Jimmy in winter

    Yes i've tried it with injector but it did not work.
  3. Hi, i have one idea. It is possible to remodel The Betrayal of Jimmy for winter? Can anyone do it, or how to do it? That would be great. Thanks.
  4. Director

    New weapons sounds

    Thank you. Next time i will do it thoroughly.
  5. Director

    New weapons sounds

    O M G Someone stole my mod! ...and he put it here:
  6. Director

    New weapons sounds

    I'm sorry...just now i see. It's fixed already.
  7. Director

    New weapons sounds

    Hi, here is a several new weapons sounds from me. I hope you enjoy them. Download it here:
  8. Director

    Help with weapons sounds

    Thank you but i have it with other programs. I've already learned it. 8)
  9. Director

    Help with weapons sounds

    Hi, i want change some weapons sounds but i don't know how to convert MP3 to FSB file. Help me please.
  10. Director

    A new Vito or Jimmy apt.

    vitoa1.sds. it does not work in the "city" folder or in the "shops". Help me please.
  11. Director

    MAFIA II - GC09 mod

    To me it does not work. Everything i did as instructed. Please help. :unsure:
  12. Director

    Mafia II - Taxi Ride

    Where do i copy this file?: :dry:
  13. Director

    Animation for human entity

    Thanks man.
  14. Director

    Multiple models under one script.

    Thank you eXistenZ34. You are more experienced than me. I'm just learning.
  15. Director

    Change your player model at any time and anywhere

    Not, still you wanted.