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    Mafia 2 Plea for help

    Well it's definitely a widespread problem, it's on youtube, steam forums, 2k itself. The only solution being the 12.8 ati drivers and since the latest is now 13.6 beta, it can cause a problem if you want to play mafia 2 plus a pretty new game which will require the updated and latest drivers. I know the modders can make miracles here and was just hoping one or more could make this a project so we can play Mafia 2 on updated drivers without the above graphical glitch.
  2. Disciple1968

    Mafia 2 Plea for help

    As some of you probably know, any radeon 5 or 6 series can only be played with ati driver 12.8, otherwise we get graphical bug problems. 2K won't patch it saying that it's a old game and ati does not seem to be bothered about it either. So i'm turning to you, the wonderful mods at mafia scene to see if you can come up with a solution where we can use up to date drivers but without the graphical bugs; in other words sort out what 2k and ati can't be bothered with. Thank you in advance
  3. Personally I believe that is the consoles to blame. Mafia was made for the pc only and then ported to the consoles, while Mafia 2 was made for all platforms from the start, thus the game was going to be restricted from the start. If Mafia 2 was going to be made for the pc first, I think we would of seen a different game altogether because it would of not been held back because of the system requirements of the consoles. Deus Ex went the same way with Invisible war Gaming itself has also changed, it's all about the masses now and niche games like the original Mafia are not seen as money makers; everything has to be made with "dumbed down" player in mind now. So many great franchises have now lost their "Great" part just to be a cash cow for the publishers; sad but true.