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  1. vapno92

    New Mafia Weapon Editor Pro

    Great! When it's going to release?
  2. vapno92

    New Mafia Weapon Editor Pro

    I'm looking forward, do you watch discussion on It's ONLY CZ/SK discussion place, that is active.
  3. vapno92

    Some new work from Zahar999

    Then I don't know, why the Hillwood villa doesn't work since aj installed JA.
  4. vapno92

    Some new work from Zahar999

    I had this issue too. It's caused, because you DON'T have Joe's Adventures installed. So, instal Joe's Adventures and Jimmy's Vendetta and it will be OK.
  5. vapno92

    Made Man mod

    ÃÅ¡ÃÂastníá sa debaty na Mal by si, tam sa rieái váetko na CZ/SK scéne.
  6. vapno92

    Made Man mod

    Taylor - si si istý, þe som ÃÅech? :cheer:
  7. vapno92

    The Commission Mod

    Like I said earliear. Story and atmosphere is GENIAL! But technical things are very annoying. Why don't you joined someone to team? You could do storyline and scripting and somebody else can do modeling, Second thing, bugs: How can I completely kill all the people in bar, including Morello and my buddies, and game continue running, like everything is OK? :cheer:
  8. vapno92

    Made Man mod

    Hi Guys! This is Vapno92. I have sad news. Samo don't want to countinue with works on this mod. So, I am the only one, who is making this mod. I think, that I can do it. Here is some description of concept of mod and benefits: Gameplay style is like in Mafia 2. You wake up, somebody call you and you have to go to some place to accept mission. BUT meanwhile, you are free. You can earn money, you can spend money, you can do a subquests, you have unlimited time. When you decide to accept mission, you have to done it. When you done it, you are free again, until you go to bed. You can do only one storyline mission in each chapter, so it's like Mafia 2, NOT like GTA. About freeride, here are some things you can do: You car earn money by: - doing storyline missions - killing gangsters - taxi driving - doing subquests - racing (!!! I imported racing circuit and merged it with city) - etc. You can spend money on...for example: -buying guns (there will be several gun shops) -buying clothes -buying cars - there will be a garage and several car shops -buying savehouses (!!!) -repairing and TUNING your cars -bribe the police (using a telephone booth) -call a TAXI (also a telephone booth) -use a bus Now: locations I have done: -Pepone's bar -First flat I am now working on Savehouse 2, House of Tommy from freeride extreme, which will be fully accessible, I mean all rooms. Then, I will be working on CINEMA, where you can optionally watch movies! (Optionally, because one 2 minute long movie have over 400MB!). I need your help, guys! I have time, I have energy, but I have no ideas. Bring me your ideas about: - Storyline (story, locations, dialogues etc...) - New locations, that you always wanted to see - Freeride elements, ideas for subquest missions - Ways, how to spend money Video: Tommy and Salieri in Pepone's bar:
  9. vapno92

    Boz Mod

    I have that scenes 80% done. Have to convert also some models.
  10. vapno92


    Videli ste Mafia remixy od Teraplánu? Sú fakt bohovské ;D [youtube:3kb01zfz] [/youtube:3kb01zfz] [youtube:3kb01zfz] [/youtube:3kb01zfz]
  11. vapno92

    Boz Mod

    Like I said Cole. You have to rip and convert also scene2.bin, tree.klz and road.bin of Countryside from Playstation 2 version.
  12. vapno92

    Boz Mod

    I was also trying to convert whole mission from PS2 version, so Djbozkozs uploaded it for me, as I remember. There are only scene.4DS files there, you have to convert rest of the mission.
  13. "Salieri died in age 120 for AIDS" ... f*ck whole that article... bullshits...
  14. Joseph Barbaro Born: November 23, 1924 Died: September 26, 1990 (Aged 66) WTF is this shit? He was killed at the end of the game. Fixed.
  15. vapno92

    Exporting maps from GoldSouce engine-based games.

    Oh, sorry. Source maps are also in BSP, have you tried it by this way?